Why does Geetika work so well on Instagram

DHe began the success of Rupi Kaur – like many great literary careers since Goethe – with a scandal. In March 2015, Indian-origin Canadians posted a picture on Instagram. A very common process. In the picture, the woman had a hunch over her, which was a period stain on her pants. Even, menstruation, is not an uncommon occurrence. However, what was unusual was that the Facebook-related online service decided to delete the photo. No reason, because the photo did not violate community guidelines. Kaur posted it again, told about the deletion and asked two questions: Why is my period unacceptable for me when you can bear me every month? Why should women be ashamed of naturalism?

As a result, the Internet exploded, as it often does. She then became an icon at the age of twenty-two. If Kaur remained an online phenomenon, then you didn’t find anything special about it. But Rupi Kaur from Toronto, now twenty-seven years old, has meanwhile become the most successful poet ever. Your two versions of the poem have sold seven million times. It modifies the statement of American writer Gary Scheatingart: “Poetry is read only by poetry professors who teach students to become poetry professors again.” There was something that makes the poem suitable for the public, and it would be an internet photo. Forum.

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