Why do you have to get tested when you are over 50?

Immersed in the Kovid-19 epidemic, we sometimes forget other diseases, which are fatal. For example, cancer. In France, approximately 160,000 people die of cancer each year. The “Blue Mars” prevention campaign aims to detect colorectal cancer, the deadliest.

The march is marked by the promotion of colorectal cancer screening (CRC). This cancer affects 43,000 new people in France every year and kills 18,000. It is the third most common cancer and the second most deadly.

On the occasion of the national awareness campaign “Blue Mars” for the disease, bourgeoisie-Francis-Komotis aged 50 to 74 are invited to perform a screening test.

According to the Regional Cancer Screening Coordination Center, only 30.4% of Burgundian-Franks-Comotis perform this screening test, which is the same percentage as the entire country.

Yet when colorectal cancer is caught early, the probability of a cure is 90%.

Who cares?

The colorectal cancer screening program is for women and men aged 50 to 74 every 2 years. It is one of three screenings held in France in association with breast cancer and cervical cancer screening programs. These tests are free. They are fully covered by the Health Insurance Fund.

How to test?

Every two years, people are invited to take their screening test. An invitation should be given to your attending physician, dispatched by the Regional Cancer Screening Coordination Center. He is the one who provides the test kit and gives instructions for use.

In 2021, the instructions for use of the tests will be revised: it is even easier to perform. A video from the National Cancer Institute states:

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National Cancer Institute, Screening Test

In France, the estimated number of new cases of cancer, including all forms, is 382,000 per year (54% in men, 46% in women). The death rate is 157,400 (57% in men, 43% in women).

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