Why can PCR test be positive after one month of infection?

Why are some PCR tests positive even after contamination? This question is asked by Mathilde, a listener who is an acquaintance who contracts coronoviruses. In “No Appointment”, Doctor Jimmy Mohammed explained to him that a positive test does not mean the person is contagious. This is why health officials recommend isolation for 7 to 10 days following coronavirus infection. But the expert also details the enigma of tests posed by the arrival of variants.

A positive PCR does not mean that you are contagious

“It all depends on the patients: some will actually keep a small emission of the virus in their body. And the detection technique through PCR testing is so efficient that they detect them, even though these scars are no longer contagious That is why it is now useless to perform a control test after a first positive PCR with historical stress. On the one hand, we do not know what to do with this information, and above all it proves your contagion. does not do.

But the presence of Kovid variants has completely changed the situation, up to the point of becoming a real headache. Because recommendations change every four mornings. If, for example, you do a PCR that turns out to be positive for the Brazilian or South African version, you will have to do a control test between 7 and 10 days to make sure you are no longer contagious and The separation has been lifted. On the other hand, we do not do this control test with the British version. Therefore it is a very complicated situation for doctors.

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Splurge on a long poem

In addition, long covariance patients are no longer contagious after one month, even though they may have symptoms, for example severe fatigue. In this event there may be mechanisms that we do not yet understand.

But what we should understand with a long Kovid is that we are making 10% to 15% longer Kovids in youth under 30 in good health whose symptoms will last much longer. At the current rate of the epidemic, thousands of people are becoming chronically ill with general apathy. This is why we should limit the epidemic as much as possible. Kovid is not a trivial disease, and having a fever of only two or three days does not prevent you from having symptoms several weeks later. “

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