Who won NBA dunk contest? Who won 3-point contest? Watch highlights

Who won NBA dunk contest? Who won 3-point contest? Watch highlights

Mac McClung successfully defended his slam dunk contest title at the NBA All-Star weekend for the second consecutive year, showcasing his athleticism and creativity in front of a ecstatic crowd. Meanwhile, Damian Lillard also repeated his success by winning the 3-point contest for the second year in a row, solidifying his reputation as one of the league’s best shooters.

One of the highlight events of the weekend was the thrilling 3-point challenge between WNBA star Sabrina Ionescu and NBA superstar Steph Curry. Although Ionescu put up a tough fight, Curry ultimately emerged victorious, showcasing his shooting prowess once again.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver took the opportunity to defend the controversial 65-game rule for MVP and All-NBA honors, stating that it rewards consistency and durability over a long season. The court at the All-Star game also featured LED technology for the first time in NBA history, adding a futuristic touch to the event.

In the skills challenge, Team Pacers led by Tyrese Haliburton, Benedict Mathurin, and Myles Turner emerged victorious, displaying their versatility and basketball IQ. Young talents such as Victor Wembanyama also made their mark at the weekend, participating in events like the rising stars competition.

The weekend was packed with exciting events such as the G League Up Next Game and the All-Star Game itself, where the biggest names in basketball showcased their talents on the court. This year’s dunk contest featured participants like Mac McClung, Jacob Toppin, Jaylen Brown, and Jaime Jaquez Jr., while the 3-point contest included sharpshooters like Damian Lillard, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Trae Young.

With past winners including legends like Steph Curry, Karl-Anthony Towns, and Joe Harris, the NBA All-Star weekend once again proved to be a celebration of basketball excellence and entertainment for fans around the world.

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