WHO warns Britain: Vaccination is not enough

British officials have been recording around 40,000 new and more new infections daily with the coronavirus for some time now. From July 19, which the government declared as Independence Day, most of the day-to-day restrictions in the country no longer apply. Adam Finn of the World Health Organization’s European Department says the fact that many people in Great Britain receive a third dose of the Covid vaccine is not enough to stop the spread of the pathogen.

“People have to undergo rapid testing, avoid exposure to large crowds in closed rooms, they have to wear masks. All these things will have to happen if we are to stop the climb and control the situation as soon as possible to prevent any real worsening during the winter,” said the Finn.

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus believes that mankind is responsible for ensuring that respiratory diseases continue to cause fear and panic. “The pandemic will end when the world wants to end it. It’s in our hands, we have all the resources: public health resources and medical resources. But the world has not used these resources properly.”

Romania, which ranks second in Europe in terms of population vaccination coverage, has applied for help from the European Union to obtain medical equipment and medicines.

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