Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Winner Flooded with old friends begging for money

Who wants to be a millionaire winner with messages begging for money from his old friends since he won the jackpot on the ITV quiz show

This teacher won a া 1 million Java dropping prize in an episode aired last month and quickly made history through quizzes in record time with just one lifeline use.

The 5-year-old revealed that he got involved in messages from “old” friends somewhere after his jackpot victory, which resulted in host Jeremy Clarkson “putting him in Google’s head”.

He received hundreds of spam DMS affections made during his first year of university from former friends, including former schoolmates.

But the Shropshire-based teacher plans to spend his triumph on a humble caravan to flee to Scotland and visit Outer Hybrid with his wife for 33 years.

The 57-year-old revealed that he was involved in messages from “old” friends

According to The Sun, Mr. Fear wrote on social media: “This morning I received a really weird begging letter (20,000 euros) from France (in addition to the 20 or 30 I received via DMS) in my pigeon hole.”

“Now I have discovered that Messenger has a ‘spam’ folder. It contains 132 messages, including those sent to old friends I lost contact with many years ago.

“We’re talking to Prestwich’s elementary school, first year at university, etc., as well as offering BBC breakfast, Sky News breakfast, Radio 5 Live, as well as dozens of Dodge massages.”

But the teacher is planning to stay in his profession and already knows how he plans to spend cash.

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Describing himself as a “somewhat democratic socialist”, Mr Fear said he had spent at least 70% of his family members on the gift of victory and the rest on “comfortable leisure”.

Instead of scattering new property or luxury sports cars with his own win, Donald said he put the money in a caravan so he could enjoy a ‘naf’ holiday with his wife Dev.

Mr. Fear used his two lifelines, 50:50, to win the jackpot, leaving the Friend option on his two phones and asking the host unused.

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