WHO urges not to let our guard down after signs of epidemic

The World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday warned against any temptation to lower our guard in the form of a Kovid-19 epidemic, which is slowing for a third consecutive week and is dominated by campaign optimism vaccination in the world.

“It is more important than ever that we do not make the same mistakes as last year,” WHO Director General Tedros Adholm Ghebayeus said in a meeting with the member states.

“Many countries have responded to the decline in the number of cases by relaxing health and social measures, and individuals have let their guard down,” he said by videoconferencing from Geneva during the meeting.

This warning from the WHO chief is against the backdrop of “some encouraging news”. According to the United Nations World Health Agency, globally and in almost all regions, the number of reported Kovid-19 cases has declined in recent weeks.

The WHO director general said, “We know that the number of cases is still increasing in some of your countries, but globally the trend is positive.”

“We can control the epidemic even with new variants in vogue,” said the head of the United Nations agency.

“Positive trends can easily be reversed, and the gains gained from hard work may be lost,” Tedrose warned.

While wealthy countries have begun their vaccination campaigns for a few weeks, the United Nations World Health Agency has reminded states that “vaccines alone will not make it possible to control this epidemic”. It is therefore necessary that “governments do not make haste to reopen” or loosen the screw.

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For the head of the WHO, countries should continue to adopt public health measures to prevent the spread of the virus. Dr. Tedros insisted, “Individuals should take precautions.”

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