WHO: Slight decline in worldwide Kovid-19 pandemic

According to the latest weekly report released by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Kovid-19 epidemic has continued to decline in the last one week worldwide, except in the Western Pacific region.

Overall, more than 4.8 million new infections were seen last week, the WHO report said, adding that the data collected until Sunday morning included a 12% drop from the previous week. .

The UN agency said, “All regions, except the Western Pacific region, reported a decline in new cases this week, where the incidence of new cases was the same as last week.”

In the Western Pacific, contamination increased by 4%. But the most notable decline in new infections was seen in Europe (-26%). The European continent is followed by the eastern Mediterranean (-22%).

According to the same source, these areas have recorded the biggest drop in the number of new deaths in the last one week.

Like new infections, the number of new deaths worldwide continues to decline. According to the report, approximately 86,000 new deaths have been reported worldwide in the last seven days, a 5% decrease from the previous week. Southeast Asia and the Western Pacific regions reported several new deaths, as in the previous week.

Yet despite a declining trend over the past three weeks, “the incidence of cases remains at some of the highest levels since the onset of the epidemic.” And globally, India remained the worst affected country. But with 2,387,663 new cases, the country saw a 13% drop in infections.

Brazil also had the highest number of new cases, with 437,076 new cases, an increase of 3%. The United States (235,638 new cases, 21% decrease), Argentina (151,332 new cases, 8% increase) and Colombia (115,834 new cases, 6% increase) follow.

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Details of the epidemiological bulletin show that the weekly incidence of cases and deaths is “by far the most reported in the Western Pacific since the onset of the epidemic.” The region has recorded more than 132,000 new cases and more than 1,700 new deaths, a 4% increase from the previous week.

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