Who left the show after the eleventh episode?

At this point in the competition, only five candidates are left to claim the title. Best pastry chef. Who was eliminated at the semifinal gate this Thursday, 16 December?

tightens the noose under the tent of best pastry chef, after the elimination of paul-henry Last week, there were only five left hoping to win the title of king or queen of the pastry bag: Mohamed, Came, mod, Jerome And alexander, Who failed at the entrance to the semifinals? Which candidates make up the final square? Was Aya wearing her blue apron for the third week in a row? Did you miss this new issue of the culinary contest? don’t panic, tv-vacation Summarizes everything you need to know about this episode dedicated to time travel. obviously a hint back in the future was in order and it is in DeLorean that our jury pair arrived. With Cyril Lignac in the role of Marty McFly And a Mercote / Dock larger than life!

a little history

First stop: in 1761. It was on this date that the famous Charlotte was created, a dessert named in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of the then King George III of the United Kingdom. challenge posed by Cyril Lignac : Dust off Charlotte to bring it into the 21st century, respecting the base, namely chickpea cookies and Bavarian cream. If this derivative of custard requires eggs, some have eliminated it in their recipe. the jury was a Maud. crush for building Who had eyes on the Black Forest, whilecame missed the exam Not really successful by making pastries.

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No classification in technical test!

for their technical testing, Mercote Drew on Season 3 asking candidates to create an old-fashioned nuns, a pyramid made of 26 eclairs spread over three floors, topped with vanilla or strawberry chocolate pastry cream (optionally) and topped with caramel. stacked up. All are topped with two cabbages. And it’s an understatement to say that this nun was a real hell for the amateur pastry chef. Almost all compositions have collapsed on their own except for mod, ,There is no one among you who has succeeded in making my nun look old-fashioned. I am very disappointed !Mercotte said. Results: No classification was established at the end of the trial. A decision that brought relief to the participants.

From Antiquity to the 70’s

So everything was decided on a creative test. To support Cyril and Mercotte, the show invited one of the most innovative cooks: Thierry Marks, Theory of the test: The time machine assigns each candidate an epoch so that they represent it in a cake. mod inherited from the Middle Ages, Jerome hippie year, alexander From Gallo-Roman times, Came French Revolution and Mohamed Of antiquity. Another constraint: every creation must be in relief. There again, Mohammed’s Colosseum and Jerome’s chocolate glasses were shattered on both sides. Maud and Aya impressed the jury, Whereas’Alexandre and Jerome paused for a bit,

decision final : without hesitation, Maude wins the blue apron and goes to the semi-finals. The choice of elimination was more complicated for Cyril and Mercotte who ultimately decided End Jerome’s adventure.

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