Who is the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II?

Prince Harry (37) is the youngest son of Prince Charles and Lady Di. From an early age, the little boy was called a “rebel” by tabloids, who noticed that he liked to stick his tongue out at photographers. After his graduation, he took a sabbatical year and traveled to Africa, Argentina and Australia. As a teenager, he pursued slippery and shocking situations: cannabis consumption, endless parties, and disguised as a Nazi officer, he made the front page of tabloids on several occasions.

In 2005 he joined the military and asked to join British troops in Afghanistan. He resigned because of his royal position which prevents him from serving in the field after ten years. Then he devoted himself to humanitarian activities. He formalized his relationship with American actress Meghan Markle in 2016 and married her in 2018. Together they have two children: Archie (2 years old) and Lilibet (9 months). In 2020, after tireless media work and Meghan Markle’s failure to join the British royal family, she made the decision to step down from her royal duties and become financially independent. He moved to California and his relationship with the royal family has been strained ever since.

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