Who Can Avoid Vaccination?

Given their deformity, some people are exempt from vaccination. They can then present a certificate of contraindication, in the form of a health pass.

To fight against the resurgence of cases of COVID 19 contamination, especially due to the delta variant, the use of health passes is now mandatory in bars, restaurants, hospitals or even in some trains and planes.

Even though, through this device, the government intends to encourage the greatest number of French people to be vaccinated, it has just established a list of malformations that some people receive due to a medical contraindication. stopping you from doing it. Thus people suffering from these diseases can avoid vaccination. For them in respect of the obligation to keep a health pass, a certificate of medical contraindication serving to them as a mole shall be given to them by the doctor.

Cases of contraindications to vaccination

Therefore the following are exempted from vaccination against COVID-19:

– people with a documented history of allergy (allergist opinion) to one of the components of the vaccine, in particular polyethylene glycol and at risk of cross-allergy to polysorbates;

– had an anaphylaxis reaction of at least grade 2 (damage to at least two organs) to the first injection of a vaccine against Covid, administered after an allergist specialization;

– Individuals who have already experienced episodes of capillary leak syndrome (general contraindication for Vaxsevoria vaccine and Janssen vaccine).

In addition, vaccination should be avoided for children who have declared “pediatric multi-systemic inflammatory syndrome (PIMS) post-Covid-19”.

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The contraindication also pertains to those who have reported side effects of “severe or severe exacerbation” after the first dose of vaccine, such as myocarditis or Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome. However, to avoid a second injection, side effects should be attributed to the first dose of vaccine, following a “multidisciplinary medical consultation”.

Temporarily, vaccination is also contraindicated for people treated with monoclonal antibodies against COVID-19 and who have had myocarditis or pericarditis before receiving their first dose of vaccine, if they are still progressive.

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