Who are these fish that make the crop cycles?

“Animals of science”, It is like a collection of stories. Beautiful stories that tell Jeevika in all its freshness. But also in all its complexity. A bracket to perform miracles in the treasures of the world. For this new episode, let’s go to Japan and dive in to meet an untouched cast: a tetrodon, a fun puff fish.

Torquignor Albomaculosus, It is a type of tetrodon. Funny name. that’s a deal Poison Rather surprising. He lives off the coast of Japan. It is a puffer fish. Of those who swarm to escape their predators. From the same group Famous Fagu The Japanese prefer to keep it on their plates, although it is likely to release a deadly poison.

But back to our Tetrodon. Because the interest that attracts us today is that which draws at the bottom of the water Sable. Real underwater works of art. Here, an ax; There, small dunes. All done by swimming aside. And especially by wrestling a lot. From the sand colour’s and of Texture Different. To add, here and there, some small shells that our charming little fish forgot to crunched before crumbs to reduce them.

To get a good idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis, think about it crop circles, Drawn in the fields of these farming circles Grain And that is characteristic for some supernatural achievements. They are actually often made for artistic purposes. Or sometimes, for advertising purposes. And this is also a little bit, the purpose of our puffer fish, Torquignor Albomaculosus.


Oh, is that so! Of course, he is not trying to attract potential customers. Thanks to these pictures, what he hopes to succeed in attracting his beautiful! And he does not skimp on means. Their underwater sculptures can be more than two meters in diameter. for one Small Fish Less than twelve centimeters long, it is nothing anyway. In addition, he can devote up to nine days of his time to it.

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You wonder how Researchers Know all this only because they were able to observe Tetrodon at work during an observation mission. He then states that once the work is done, Madame comes to walk from above. crop circles Of monsieur. If he likes the work, he agrees to marry. But the story does not end there. Because it is also at the center of crop circles That ma’am will come Lay her eggs. Left them to the monsieur to fertilize. Then, to keep an eye on them for a few days. When they hatch, the small fish will be able to feed freely on the shell sharks deposited there by their caretaker Daddy.

If you think madam is attracted once again “Everything That Shines”, think again. Because even though the researchers do not yet know what criteria he sets based on his choice, they think that his focus is on the fine sand that forms the center. crop circles And the efficiency with which these sculptures will slow the communication of water around their eggs. What to do to prevent them from spreading before being fertilized. Thus, Monsieur’s success in love will eventually rest on his talent as an architect. How he is able to build a cozy nest for his offspring … not so stupid, Tetrodon.

and you know what ? In August 2020, Researchers reported Have made a new discovery crop circles Submarines. Currently on behalf of the Australian team. To find out which fish the author is, we have to wait a while. Because it has not been identified for some time.

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