Which is the favorite smartphone of the Queen of England?

Elizabeth II will celebrate her anniversary this Thursday, June 2, marking her 70 years of rule over England. An extraordinary phenomenon, and incredible statistics, which allow us to uncover a fun fact: At 96, the Queen has a favorite smartphone brand. Find out which is which, to find out if you have anything in common with it…

70 years. an eternity. Elizabeth II’s reign became so long that the series dedicated to her on Netflix, Crown, can last for dozens more seasons. And while its Platinum Jubilee, which promises to be grand in England this Thursday, June 2 (a parade with 1,200 soldiers, 240 horses and hundreds of musicians), the information is mounting, and we sometimes hear of some unusual news. let’s find. Like the queen’s favorite brand…smartphones. Which model does Elizabeth II like to take selfies with, email her or play with? candy Crush , Well know this brand is… Samsung. the explanation (It means “explanation”, but in English).

Born in 1926, Elizabeth II saw the evolution of the telephone, from landlines to portables that fit in your pocket. She knew which dial to turn to dial a number, the operators who put her in contact with her correspondent, the first telephones in cars, the first portables larger than radio sets, and hence the advent of smartphones and their touch screens. So of course, most of the time, when we call her, we imagine a servant bringing her phone on a silver tray, but in any case, she must have used the phone countless times. And he has an opinion on the matter, even with a favorite smartphone brand. Since 2012, therefore, it has been Samsung, as that belief was renewed in early May.

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royal seal on samsung products

So no, the Queen of England did not create an ad where she took selfies to show her love for the brand. It’s all a lot more formal. In fact, by tradition and since the 15th century, English monarchs could choose the companies they wanted to mark with the royal seal, making them official suppliers. “of goods and services to royal persons”, This seal is called the Royal Warrant of Appointment, and since 2012, it has been granted to Samsung Electronics UK, the British arm of the Korean company, as a matter of hi-tech. Which means Elizabeth II and the royals can live out every influencer’s dream, and they have all the Samsung devices they want!

Samsung Electronics UK therefore sports the royal logo, which mentions “By appointment of Her Excellency The Queen, Consumer Electronics Supplier, Samsung Electronics Ltd. Surrey.” A distinction that clearly the company deeply respects, as explained in a press release:

“As a recognized holder of the Royal Warrant, Samsung is honored to provide the Royal Household with quality products since receiving its first warrant in 2012 (…) recognition.”

As a direct consequence to users, Samsung products sold in the UK are also stamped with this seal, as can be seen in this snapshot taken in 2013:

So now, the question we inevitably ask ourselves is this: does the Queen prefer the Galaxy S22, or the Galaxy Z Flip3 with its compact appearance? Answers during Jubilee, perhaps, if we see her taking pictures…

Source: Samsung, GQ, Konbini

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