Which iPhone is it playing on?

Blizzard has announced that its next game, Diablo Immortal, will be available on mobile starting June 2. On the same date, the game will also launch in open beta for everyone on PC.

Why is it important to report the launch of the desktop version? because the game will cross platform, This means that mobile players will be able to meet PC players during their games.

You get it, Diablo Immortal will be a playable title exclusively online, This feature makes it possible to combine all players on the same server, as previously stated. But it also offers the possibility to save your progress independently of the platform. You’ll be able to play on PC one morning, continue your adventure on iPhone in the afternoon, then resume the game on your computer at home in the evening.

Diablo Immortal will adopt the principles that made the success of the Diablo game series, with multiple dungeons to explore, various character classes to develop, but many items to discover, from the most basic to the most powerful. are also.

blizzard announcement 8 different areas To discover, each with its own visual style, unique items, and distinctive monsters. Lastly, the developer promises that new content, new stories and new heroes will be brought to the game regularly. The idea of ​​constantly keeping the player interested.

Which iPhone and iPad to Play Diablo Immortal?

Must be equipped with a mobile device that supports the version iOS/iPadOS 11 Or a later version of one of the two systems to be able to launch Diablo Immortal. This means on paper that an iPhone 5s or SE from 2016 should suffice. Ditto for iPad Air 1, iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2. But really, we doubt it would be appropriate to use a more recent machine, for the sake of comfortable fluidity and visually pleasing graphics. ,

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If you’re interested, know that you can pre-register with Blizzard to participate in the beta for the PC version. To pre-order (free) the game on iOS and from the day it’s released, visit its App Store link.

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