Which are the best countries for Formula 1 enthusiasts?

While motorsport culture varies greatly from country to country, a study recently established various rankings of the best countries for Formula 1 enthusiasts, and France ranks in the top 10.

Last April, Confused.com, a British car insurance comparator, published Results of a study to rank different countries of the world according to their interest in automobiles, This study, which specifically compares Number of Formula 1 Circuits and Grand Prixalso made it possible to install Ranking of the best countries for fans of the major segment of motorsport, and good news, France ranked in top 10 ,

Countries with the Most Formula 1 Circuits

not less than 11 track Different, The United States is the country with the most Formula 1 circuits in the world, The list includes the Detroit Street Circuit, Sebring Raceway and Phoenix Street Circuit. note that with 406 Scheduled ProgramsThe United States is also the country with the most upcoming automotive events. with 7 track, France ranks secondJust ahead of Spain.

Post Country number of circuits
Post1 CountryUnited States of america number of circuits1 1
Post2 CountryFrance number of circuits7
Post3 CountrySpain number of circuits6
Post4 CountryItaly number of circuits4
Post4 CountryUK number of circuits4
Post4 CountryPortugal number of circuits4
Post7 CountryGermany number of circuits3
Post7 CountryBelgium number of circuits3
Post7 CountryCanada number of circuits3
Post7 CountryJapan number of circuits3
Post7 CountryAustria number of circuits3

Countries that have held the most Formula 1 events

With regard to the ranking of the countries that have hosted the most Formula 1 Grand Prix, France dropped to sixth place with 61 racesBut remains in the top 10. with 76 incidents Conducted on 4 different circuits, it is Italy which ranks firstThe birthplace of Formula 1, right next to the United Kingdom.


Post Country number of grand prix
Post1 CountryItaly number of grand prix76
Post2 CountryUK number of grand prix73
Post3 CountryUnited States of america number of grand prix71
Post4 CountryGermany number of grand prix67
Post5 CountryBelgium number of grand prix66
Post6 CountryFrance number of grand prix61
Post7 CountrySpain number of grand prix51
Post8 CountryCanada number of grand prix50
Post9 CountryBrazil number of grand prix49
Post10 CountryJapan number of grand prix37

You can view the full study, including fuel prices and road quality in full, here: https://www.confuse.com/car-insurance/car-enthusiast-hotspots.

Published on 02/06/2022 Updates 02/06/2022

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