Which are the best communication schools?

Communication is a social science, not only because of the exchange of ideas and messages, but also because of the participation and dialogue that arises between different social groups and cultures. Many training courses exist to prepare students for the communication professions. Which are the best schools?

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The study of communication offers many different career opportunities. This is an environment that has changed a lot with digital transformation, which affected all communication channels.

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before the arrival of digital, this specialty had a limited field of action and was reserved for the media (television, newspapers, etc.). Today, the digital world allows unlimited interconnection of messages, articles, photos and videos. professionals Communications Riding this tide of information to manage the flow, coordinate, create content and publish it.

career in science Communications Includes a great ability to communicate messages effectively and creatively. It is a very versatile field, which prepares active and curious students to experiment.

Topics Covered in Communication Studies

Communication stream involves learning knowledge in various subjects. Here are some of the areas you will study and which you can specialize in in the future:

  • Psychology ;
  • audiovisual communication;
  • photography;
  • the language of journalism;
  • public relation ;
  • Marketing ;
  • journalism;
  • qualitative and quantitative research;
  • Social Networks.

Finally, reading is an essential element in studying communication. So, if you love to read and manipulate information, then this field is for you!

professional expertise

In communication, there are different branches of business. Depending on the area that interests you the most, you can specialize in:

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  • audiovisual communication;
  • Marketing ;
  • digital journalism;
  • Business Communications ;
  • organizational communication and public relations;
  • community management.

You can work in all kinds of structures: private or public. The range of possibilities is wide: communication agencies, advertising agencies, digital production companies (radio, TV, video), government institutions, film industries, etc.

Profile of a communication student

Communication studies would be particularly suitable for students who are passionate about learning and who need constant experimentation. In addition, it is important to have an interest in information, text or visuals and to have a sense of interpersonal relationships.

Good understanding of words and correct spelling are two things that can make all the difference! Finally, if you have an inquisitive mind, sympathetic and enterprising, you have what it takes to study at the School of Communication!

best communication school

The School of Communications is integrated into BAC+2 or BAC+3, upon application or competitive examination, and offers Diplomas at BAC+5 level. These courses provide both theoretical and practical training, as it includes an internship period. Explore our top 10 of the best communication schools in France:

1. Selsa

2. University of Paris Dauphine-PSL

3. EFAP: School of New Communication Professions

4. ISCOM: Higher Institute of Communication and Advertising

5. Audensia Sciencescom

6. Pub Super

7. ESP (High School of Advertising)

8. ISTC (Institute of Communication Strategy and Technology)

9. ISCPA (Institute of Higher Communication, Press and Audiovisual)

10. IICP (International Institute of Communication of Paris)

Get a complete ranking of the Best Communication Schools in 2021 on the website of student,

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