Where will Ivanka and Jared stay? Couple renovates Bedminster home amid news that it will be unnecessary in New York

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner plan to expand their home in Bedminster, New Jersey, amid news that the couple will not be warmly welcomed on the New York social scene after Trump becomes president.

The couple’s New Jersey property – which is home to the Trump National Golf Club – includes a new interior home, a “relocated helicopter”, four new pickball courts, a spa and yoga complex and five thousand “cottages” per square foot. New York Times Report.

Mrs Trump and her husband have yet to reveal where they will be permanently after Joe Biden takes office on January 20, and they have lost their position as White House advisers. The couple moved to Washington DC in 2014 after Donald Trump became president.

Before winning the election, the couple lived in Manhattan with the rest of Trump’s family. But a welcome can’t come back.

Mr. Trump has established himself as a Florida resident and will likely move permanently to his Mar-a-Lego resort as he returns to Manhattan.

Her daughter and son-in-law could move to Florida because Mar-a-Logo’s own renovations are underway, but it is not possible for them to establish permanent residence on the property.

Ms. Trump and Mr. Kushner own a home on Florida property, but First Lady Melania Trump was expected to settle permanently in Mar-a-Lego, and there is reportedly a snowstorm between her and her honest daughter.

“[The president’s] Mr Deutsch said, “It’s harder than life, but it’s bigger than life.” These two were the useless minions who were with him. “

Georgina Bloomberg, daughter of billionaire Michael Bloomberg, said The Daily Beast In early November she said she really thought MS Trump and her husband had received unfair criticism from the public. So New York society can forgive this couple more, he said.

A former friend of Trump said Vanity FairHowever, any welcome back to NYC can only be for a certain group of people.

The friend said, “People close to Trump will welcome him as soon as he comes to power.” But those who do not respect self-respect, career, morality, democracy or those who do not ‘want their friends to be ashamed and clean in both their personal and public spheres. “

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