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After being overwhelmed by PSG Mbappe, the Champions League Barcelona He hopes to catch up with Cadiz In the Santander League match. Ronald Komann’s men are not only forced to return to Europe but also against the Copa del Rey Seville, To enter the finals and the Santander League if they do not want to lose the rope against Atlético and Real madrid. The match between Barcelona and Cadiz Day 24 Camp Nou will be today, Sunday 21 February From 14h00..

Martinez Munuera will be responsible for leading the meeting Barcelona And this Cadiz, Which will be broadcast live by livestar Laliga. Additionally, the game will have up-to-the-minute online commentary Okay One hour before beginning with alignment and curiosity about duality.

Despite the fact that Barça’s side have won seven consecutive Santner League victories, it is only one point above Sevilla to allow them to advance to the standings by the Andalusian side. Once again, Barcelona will not be able to trust the game Ronald arujo, So we have to see whether Ummity or Longlet He accompanies the pick in the center of the back. Against PSG, Ronald Komann opted for the latter. Whether or not the Dutch coach gives a break to any of his players. Otherwise, there will be teams against Cadiz Dest Yes Jordi Alba. In the center of the field, for them, they make headlines Buscuts, Pedri and De jong; While messi in front may be more Trinco to give relief Dembele Or Griezmann.

in the subject Cadiz, Alvaro Servera’s men have lost the last three games they have played and have not tasted victory for six. The Andalusian side are only three points above the charge, so it would be important to get a positive camp nu result if they do not want to be jeopardized. To do this, they have to overcome the downfall due to accumulation of credit cards section. NegridoHis main offensive asset will be against the former Real Madrid player Barcelona.

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When do you play in Barcelona – Cadiz?

Spain: 06/02/2021 2:00 pm (1:00 pm in the Canary Islands). Argentina: 02/06/2021 10:00 hours.
Mexico: 06/02/2021 07h00.
Colombia: 02/06/2021 08:00 hours.
Peru: 02/06/2021 08:00 hours.
chilli: 02/06/2021 10:00 hours.
Venezuela: 02/06/2021 09:00 hours.
Uruguay: 02/06/2021 10:00 hours.
Angels: 02/06/2021 05:00 AM.
New York: 02/06/2021 08:00 hours.

Where do you play in Barcelona – Cadiz?

Stade New Area (Barcelona).

Where did they broadcast Barcelona – Cadiz on television?

Spain: Movistar LaLiga, Bar TV LaLiga
Germany: DAZN
Argentina: ESPN
Bolivia: ESPN
Brazil: ESPN Brazil
Canada: Bean Sports La Liga, Bean Sports, Bean Sports iga
chilli: ESPN
China: QQ Sports Live, PPTV Sport Chine
Colombia: ESPN
Costa Rica: Sky sports
Ecuador: ESPN
Protector: Sky sports
France: Be involved in sports
Guatemala: Sky sports
Honduras: Sky sports
Italy: DAZN
Japan: DAZN
Mexico: Sky sports
Nicaragua: Sky sports
Panama: Sky sports
Paraguay: ESPN
Peru: ESPN
Portugal: Our game
United Kingdom: Laliga tv
Uruguay: ESPN
Venezuela: ESPN
United States of america: Fanaties, Bean Sports

Who is Barcelona referee – Cadiz?

Martinez Munuera (Valencian Committee)

Barcelona’s potential line-up – Cadiz

Barcelona: Ter stegan; Dest, Picke, Lenglet, Jordi Alba; Busquet, De Jong, Pedri; Trinco, Dembele and Messi.

Cadiz: Ledesma; Espino, Pod, Iza Carceline, Marcos Mauro, Pedro Alcala; Gyro, John Ander Garrido, Salvi; Choco Lozano et Negredo.

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