Where is Hagrid Actor Robbie Coltrane?

Coltaran was born to Anthony Robert Macmillan, but took his stage name from saxophonist John Coltrane. Colatrain debuted on the comedy circuit, and soon found some minor roles in films. Scott is especially known on British TV, thanks to the roles in young people, Black joiner and especially!) The cracker. He won three BAFTA Awards for his role as forensic psychologist Edward FitzGerald.

This success made him world famous in Scotland, and in demand for Bond films Golden eye In the world is Not Enough, In the role of Valentin Zukowski: a Russian gangster and Pierce Brosnan’s ‘hysterical’.

Shortly thereafter, he was asked to play the role of Rubus Hagrid, a half-giant Harry potterMovies. In fact, JK Rowling stated that Warner Bros. He had it for the part! As Coltrane is not particularly tall (1.85 m), he was replaced in a few shots by rugby player Martin Bayfield. Ready for a shock!

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They say that Hollywood magic!

Once you get used to Hagrid’s hairy head, it’s hard to see Robbie Colten with his bare bottom face! His voice is still unmistakable, of course.

Where has the Hagrid actor gone?

In the UK, Robbie Coltrane is still quite active, but mainly in the area of ​​voting roles. In addition, he has called a true crime series Important Evidence of Robbie ColtraneIn which he goes through the infamous British murder cases.

Koltaran playing at that time Harry potter In some other Hollywood films, but they were not commercially successful (except BraveIn which he can be heard), which slightly hurt his celebrity abroad.

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Hagarid is ill …

In addition, Coltaran suffers from diabetes and severe arthrosis. Last year, the actor was examined and it was revealed that he no longer had cartilage in his knees. Robbie Coltrane is in a lot of pain, and in no time he is seen in public whether he walks with a stick or is in a wheelchair.

Coltrane may be eligible for new knees, but he had to lose weight first. According to the British tabloids, the coltrane was to lose more than 40 kg, but it has not yet been achieved.

Robbie Coltrane’s future

in it’s own, Harry potterThe actor already had a great career, so he has nothing left to prove. In an interview a few years ago, he reported that he would always prefer to do new projects to avoid Harry being known as ‘Hagrid’. Potter‘.

If we take into account his health problems, then that chance will come into the headlines again, it seems small… However: Never say never!

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