When will the Electoral College vote start today?

Electors from 537 electoral colleges across the United States will meet on Monday to vote for the next president.

The electorate will travel to their state capitals and Washington DC to officially cast their ballots at various times on Monday.

Elected, who are often nominated by the state’s majority party to support the nominee, confirmed the state’s results in the first U.S. presidential election in 1897.

The event comes more than a month after President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 US election, when he received 306 electoral votes compared to President Donald Trump’s 232.

Voters are usually given a formality to cast their ballots, but this year the incident happened five weeks after President Trump’s results were contested and false claims that widespread fraud had taken place.

Mr. Trump and his party dismissed more than 50 legal challenges last month, when the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday rejected an attempt by his Republican allies in multiple states to try to separate the electoral 2 electoral votes in four states.

Although efforts are being made to reverse the results of Trump and his party’s presidential election, selectors are expected to confirm Mr Biden’s victory on Monday.

Biden is then expected to address the nation on Monday evening.

How long will the voters meet?

Under federal law, voters meet “Monday after the second Wednesday in December of the presidential election year.”

Although the location and time of each meeting is determined by the individual state, the first official vote can be cast locally from 10 a.m. onwards.

Illinois, Indiana and Oklahoma are the first states to cast ballots at 10 a.m., and Massachusetts last set at 3 p.m.

Many states don’t have a set time, but at 2 p.m., the most common decision was made, with nine states, including California and Texas, choosing it for Monday’s event.

What is expected to happen on Monday?

Each voter will cast a vote in favor of the U.S. president and vice president in a paper ballot on Monday, which is expected in favor of the candidate declared the winner in the state.

After the votes were extended, the selectors signed six certificates, including the results.

Certificates are sent to U.S. archivists, U.S. vice presidents, state secretaries, and district court judges where voters in each state meet.

The presidential candidate who received the majority of votes across the United States will then be officially elected to the White House.

What happens after Monday?

Although the state vote is final, Monday’s event does not formally end the decision-making process for the next U.S. president.

January In January, a joint session of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will meet to count all votes cast in the election.

A Republican representative, Moe Brooks of Alabama, is expected to object to elected voters for several states, ABC News reported.

All of Wisconsin’s states are now protected by Safe Harbor status, which means legitimate challengers and voters must accept the votes deposited on the slate as a reconsideration decision is made.

After any challenge, the January joint session is expected to confirm Mr. Biden as the next president of the United States.

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