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Dairy Girls will be back for a third season, but be prepared for a long wait as COVID-19 moved the filming of the show much later than originally planned. Here’s What You Can Expect From Season 3 dairy girls And while you can expect it on Netflix (hint: it won’t be until 2022 at the earliest).

In case you missed it, Derry Girls is a Northern Ireland-based comedy series that follows four teenage girls in high school who indulge in all manner of shenanigans.

It is classified as a Netflix Original, but is, in fact, produced by Channel 4 in the UK and distributed internationally by Netflix. There are a number of Channel 4 shows that have popped up exclusively on Netflix in a similar fashion over the years.

Season 2 is now on Netflix worldwide starting August 2, 2019. That said, those living in the UK will still have to wait about a year before streaming it there.

Are Dairy Girls Renewed for Season 3?

Dairy Girls Official Renewal Status: Renewed (as of April 2019)

Yes, you read that right, you will not have to wait at all to know the fate of Season 3 as it has been confirmed.

Thanks to the success of the show on Channel 4 and its international exposure through Netflix, she received instant renewal When season 2 ended in April 2019.

dairy girls season 3 announcement

Commenting on the renewal, Lisa McGee, showrunner and producer, said, “I love writing this show and am very excited to be able to continue the story of Dairy Girls, thanks to Channel 4, Erin and Live egits for another day’s fight.

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What to expect from Dairy Girls Season 3?

The third season of the show is scheduled to happen around the same time as the Good Friday Deal. This means that the series is almost set for season 3 in 1998.

The main cast will be around 17 years old for the new season.

Designer Lisa McGee said in an interview:

“They’ll be forced to push the chain a bit” [but] They’re still eejits, they still have a lot of issues being embarrassed and doing all the things you’d expect from Derry Girls, but they have to deal with some big stuff this time around.

When will Dairy Girls Season 3 be on Netflix?

As you might know with UK shows, they often don’t meet a consistent release schedule.

However, Dairy Girls had to stick to an annual schedule (with the addition or subtraction of a few months) and we originally expected that to happen in late 2020 or 2021. However, now it seems that will not happen. No thanks to the C word we all lived in 2020. According to DigitalSpy, production was originally scheduled to begin in June 2020.

According to Production Intelligence, a site that tracks British productions, filming is currently not expected to begin before “the end of 2021”.

In an interview with The Irish Mirror, Tara Lynn O’Neill, who plays Ma Mary, confirmed that filming is taking place in 2021 with a view to releasing the show in early 2022. He told the Mirror:

“It’s happening this year, it’s definitely happening this year! If we let it go for another year, we’ll all be retired! Call it ‘Derry Old Ones!’ Will be said. No, we will do it this year, so it will be released early next year. We are tied for the shooting date, we are shooting this year”,

So what will happen is that the show will first air on Channel 4 in the UK followed by Netflix in the US and most other regions soon after. Netflix UK will face another long wait.

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Another thing we should immediately note is that the series is currently also scheduled for a theatrical release. Whether it replaces the fourth season remains to be seen.

We’ll update this article as we learn more about Dairy Girls Season 3 and when it hits Netflix.

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