When tourism plays a collective role

World Tourism Day, observed on 27 September, is an occasion to promote universal access for all to tourism, which has now established itself as one of the important industries providing employment and driving economic growth. Reached the ranks of powerful engines. Aware of the relevance of this question and the need to restart tourism in the 21st century, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) this year, organized by Cte d’Ivoire, has kept the World Day under the theme. “Tourism and Inclusive Development”. The choice chosen for this theme is not accidental, as the United Nations body aims to highlight the region’s potential to promote inclusive growth and the opportunities it offers to millions of people around the world. It is in this sense that the Secretary-General of the UNWTO, Zurab Pololikashvili, underlined that by celebrating this day, the organization reaffirms its commitment that the benefits arising from the development of tourism benefit this vast region and are diverse at all levels. The biggest airline for the smallest family business. A commitment that is “timely and necessary” according to Mr Pololikashvili, who stresses that the disruption to international travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of tourism to any society. For this purpose, he said that for inclusive growth, it is imperative to unite everyone for a better vision of tourism. “Only resuming tourism in this way will benefit the people and communities who need it most and, in turn, will lay the foundation for a better future for all,” he said. In the same sequence, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, mentioned in a message published on the occasion, that the time has come to rethink tourism, transform it and restart it completely. “When adequate protective measures are put in place, this sector can be a source of good jobs and help build a resilient, sustainable, gender-sensitive and inclusive economy and society for the benefit of all and all.” Thus, the official called for targeted measures and investments in the transition to green tourism, efforts towards carbon neutrality, in areas with high emissions, especially air and sea transport and hotels. According to Mr. Guterres, it is also a question of establishing an open decision-making process that will allow world tourism to achieve inclusive and sustainable development, deliver on the promises of the Sustainable Development Goals and make progress. To harness its potential in the region as an engine of prosperity, a vector of integration, a means of protecting the planet and an agent of mutual understanding between cultures.

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Morocco: Inclusive growth essential

In Morocco, interest in inclusive tourism is nothing new. A decade ago, the Kingdom demonstrated its willingness to promote tourism, which revitalizes destinations and brings economic, social and environmental benefits, without looking at global challenges such as climate change. Fauzi Zamrani, Vice President of the National Confederation of Tourism (CNT), underlined that this year’s theme recalls the sector’s public and private commitments since 2011 and more precisely, during the signing of the Vision 2020 program contract in front of His Majesty King Mohamed . VI.

“In this program contract, he continued, there was an entire chapter dedicated to sustainable and responsible tourism. Coming out of this pandemic, responsible tourism is a response to the expectations of tourists who want to participate in the development of communities in pursuit. One real social, economic and environmental balance”.

Mr. Zamrani also specified that the development that should take place after these two years of “imposed famine” should cover the entire tourism value chain, depending on the circumstances, including but not limited to the classic trades of tourism as defined by Article 20. Is. Vision 2010 Program Annex In this regard he argued that Moroccan tourism is rich in the diversity of micro-enterprises that have established themselves during the last decade by offering a vast array of services that meet the so-called structured demand for companies not Can get

And to remember that the normalization of social cover to all Moroccans by HM King, constitutes a real beginning of the response to inclusion, emphasizing the imperative to move forward, allowing all actors in the region to live with dignity. allows for. Their knowledge while respecting a certain ethics and creating an atmosphere of trust with the visitors.

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Today, governments, civil society, destinations and businesses have all been brought together to revitalize this sector that affects almost all aspects of our economies and whose importance to all segments of society is clearer than ever.

by Samia Boufas (MAP)

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