When to use a Microsoft Kinect to hunt ghosts

Microsoft Kinect, Ghost Hunters’ best friend? Linda the Ghost Hunter uses this on a daily basis, proof of that on a daily basis.

Microsoft Kinect There is a technology that was now launched about 11 years ago. A technology that aims to make video games more impressive by allowing for more natural controls, motion detection, and more. Unfortunately, success was not there. However, the system is still used here and there today, far from its primary field. Here today it is exploited by a ghost hunter. You read that right!

Microsoft Kinect, Ghost Hunters’ best friend?

When the Redmond firm launched its Kinect, the tool was designed and designed for video games. That being said, it quickly turned out that the Kinect could prove useful for much more than video games. And over the years, we’ve seen it used in movement, in health services, and even in a system for sign language translation.

Today, it seems that even ghost hunters are using the Kinect. At least that’s what we found out in a recent video. H3 Productions has teamed up with Linda the Ghost Hunter to explore one of America’s most haunted places. According to Lindo, the Kinect was used precisely because it would have the ability to detect “skeleton shapes that are not there”.

Linda the Ghost Hunter uses it daily

About a minute into this video, we can see the Kinect detecting two ghostly figures, to say the least. For sure, it’s impossible to know if it’s all 100% genuine, if it’s a bug in the Kinect system or a clever video editing gimmick. Still, as pointed out in the comments, Linda won’t be the first ghost hunter to use the Kinect in her works.

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There are already so many testimonials in recent years that the Kinect is one of the most popular choices within the ghost hunter community. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, in any case it’s great to know that people are finding alternative uses for technology that was originally designed for video games.

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