When the defeat was announced, supporters of Marine Le Pen let their anger explode: “Hey! (VIDEO)

“Navy! Navy!” To try to believe until the end, before a bronca when Emmanuel Macron’s face appears: Marines gathered around Le Pen on Sunday evening in Paris, his supporters tell of their dismay, from the “system” are fed up and promise to “keep fighting”.

“The French understand nothing, they will get what they deserve”, Olivier Mondet is enraged when he announces the loss of his champion. “For five years we will still suffer and welcome a few more people from everywhere, I’m French”, Emphasizes this 62-year-old nursing executive. ,clumsy!” shouts an FN worker toward the newly elected president who appears on screen in a room at Henin Beaumont, where Marine Le Pen recorded 67.15% of the vote.trash!“We hear even in this crowd, which one”Fucking Band!”, Addressed those who voted for Macron.

Dressed in black and white, Marine Le Pen quickly reaches the stage of the Pavillon d’Armenonville on the edge of the Bois de Boulogne, where the far-right candidate’s election evening takes place. At about 8:10, she appears, her eyes slightly moist, but belligerent. There is applause as he sings his “E.” promises to continueCommitment to France and the French People“, a cappella before Marseille.

“We are disappointed”Apprised AFP of his Chief of Staff Renaud Labaye. “The system is still powerful, both before and after the first round, with all the media and association forces that were uninterested in moving things.”He cursed.

champagne “Marine President” It was unheard of even before the declaration of the result. But the atmosphere is not festive, even though Marine Le Pen scored almost 8 points higher than in 2017.

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Davey Balleau, 25, suit and sneakers, is “Very disappointed because the French still don’t understand. But we must continue to believe in it, our score has gone up. The Marines were able to find words to promote us for the legislative elections.”Says this worker from Denan (North) in the constituency of Deputy Sebastian Chenu.

On stage, Marine Le Pen said “redial“Future policy, on everyone’s mind.

“no covenant”

In the room, Franco-Ivorian Habib Sanogo is convinced that Marine Le Pen should play the leading role, despite his three consecutive defeats in the presidential election.

“The political landscape will be completely different in five years. The left and right will be looking for a leader, LREM too, the only person who will be there with a program we are used to”He insists.

What about far-right rival Eric Zemor, who came on television to say “Sadly, this is the eighth time defeat has struck Le Pen’s name”From father Jean-Marie to his daughter Marine?

in the legislature “There shall be no alliance (with Zamour) except in special cases”, Turned away Renaud LaBay.

Apple juice in hand, MEP Thierry Mariani says no to the contrary and underlines the importance of the June election. “We have to tell all the people who voted for us to stop him (Macron) from getting his hands completely free.”

He also attacks the “system” that is “blocking” the presidential election: “Everything is in league so that the patriotic camp doesn’t come to power. Every time, it’s the same scenario”.

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Is this Marine Le Pen’s last presidential campaign? “I hope not,” responds RN Meyer of Frejus David Rachline. result “A remarkable progress compared to 2017, we are the only opposition party to the Macron government. We have already invested 450 candidates for legislative elections, there is a CNI (Nomination Committee) during the week. RN is already at work”, He gives assurance.

In the room, a supporter of Erik Zemour, who campaigned for Le Pen during the two-part tour, still hopes for a “union of the right with the assembly elections” in Caen, where he militates in Normandy.

Around 8:40 a.m., Marine Le Pen walks down the room to take a selfie, amid an indescribable crowd. A worker tries to approach him in pain. “I try to reach you but I can’t”, The unfortunate candidate slips away before hugging him.

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