When Scots stand before the British with their national anthem

There are matches that begin long before kick-off, rivalries that are expressed by the national anthem at the top of their lungs. To be reassured, it would be enough to listen to the England-Scotland pre-match…

Because if football allows supporters to show all their affection for their country, then for Scots, there is always something extra on the first note of “their” anthem, flowers of scotlandCome out the bagpipe. An official piece that provides shivering while it is an anthem… unofficial, a replica God Save the Queen British that should officially accompany the outings of Scottish athletes. Regardless, Scottish supporters have explicitly adopted it (and international football and rugby bodies have accepted it) as the de facto standard of their pride, also as a spokesperson for their sentiment toward their best enemies: English.

and if Harry Kane and his companions will sing so well God Save the QueenMILF of men steve clark They would sing these “Flowers of Scotland” inherited from rugby players, who themselves “borrowed” from the 1960s Scottish folk group the Corys. But now the official birth certificate of this mythological hymn indicates March 1990. 17 March right in Edinburgh. On that day, Scotland receives England at Murrayfield from the Oval ball. Much more than a rugby match: this clash is a true final of the Five Nations tournament (Italy had not yet entered the competition at the time) as the winner of the match would sign the Grand Slam and win the tournament. A real crowning achievement.

The Englishman, confident in himself and already ready to take the trophy, does not doubt the “jerk” from the pre-match by XV at Chardon. The Scots (and their union) actually asked the marching band to play the popular choriz tune (shortened to two verses, so that the protocol would not last too long). From the first bar, the entire stadium takes on the anti-English song in chorus, prompting the Scottish team. On the mission, the Scottish players win 13–7, win the tournament, and deliver letters of nobility to what is undoubtedly one of the most amusing songs of the team sport.

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To fully understand the sentiment that overflows from the Scottish stand, you have to delve into the song’s lyrics: they flowers of scotland refer to the Battle of Bannockburn, during which Scottish ancestors “The arrogant stood up against Edward II’s army” and literally it is “Sent home to think twice”. Hence the crushing victory of the Scots against the British in 1314.

Something to inspire supporters, who chant the resounding “England!” Don’t hesitate to add! (obviously absent in the original text) At a time when the song’s lyrics provoke the enemy. “England”, a watered-down version for the most intelligent supporters, did not hesitate to draw on more “flowery” vocabulary to enhance other lyrics… and sometimes even to attack the Queen. What confirms patriotism, even the desire for isolationism. Politics is never far between Scotland and England…

In Scotland’s home rugby matches, it is now customary to accompany the first verse on the bagpipe, then let the stadium sing the rest a cappella. We challenge you not to tremble.

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