When is the Fortnite Live event? Expected UK start times and how to join

Fortnite fans are sure that another big Fortnite live event is coming. But if this rumor is true, when should you expect the event to actually happen?

Since Epic Games has yet to announce this Fortnite event via official channels (it was an obvious datamine/leak that the fan base was talking about), it’s impossible to know anything for sure at this point.

However, we have a pretty good idea of ​​when the current Battle Pass will end, kicking off Fortnite Season 3, and it seems like a logical point to register an event in the Fortnite schedule.

So what’s our best guess for the date of the Fortnite live event? Read on and we’ll do our best to take a good hit in the dark.

When is Fortnite’s live event?

epic games

Fortnite may have its next live event June 3 either June 4We had predicted.

Finally, the game’s official site has confirmed that the Fortnite Season 2 Battle Pass will end on June 3, which will likely lead to some sort of Fortnite Live event.

What time is the Fortnite live event in the UK?

Fortnite’s biggest live event in recent memory happened on Saturday, December 4th – it was “The End” that ended Chapter 2 – and it started playing. 21:00 GMT For players on British shores.

For this upcoming Fortnite Live event, we may see a similar start time, though we’d definitely like a little earlier. If/when it is confirmed, we will update this page.

How to Join a Fortnite Live Event

Epic Games hasn’t announced yet how players will need to tune in for Fortnite’s next live event — will it be an in-game affair or just a live video stream?

If it’s just a video, you’ll probably need to join the Fortnite YouTube channel. We hope this event will take place within the game itself, allowing players to interact with the action in a more meaningful way.

If it does, there could be a special playlist to add to the game’s battle royale menu. Again, if it is confirmed, we will update this page as soon as possible.

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