When is the Daredevil series coming to Disney+ in Latin America and Mexico

stage on March 16 Disney+ The series included in its list »Daring », a program that has consolidated the collaboration of Wonder Yes Netflix, is the first Marvel production for the streaming service. However, earlier this year, Netflix announced that all Marvel series would be leaving its platform, leaving many fans wondering where series like “Jessica Jones,” “Luke Cage,” and “Marvel” “The Punisher” were. will end.

Shortly after, Disney+ announced that the ‘The Defenders’ saga would be available entirely within its service, but not worldwide, although the US, Canada, UK United, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand would have you previously. You can watch Marvel from now on. And the Netflix series, in Mexico and Latin America, are not yet within Disney+.

The streaming service added seven new titles to its list, including “Marvel’s Agents of Shield” on March 13. Far from bringing back the fan-favorite series, the move also served to test an update to the platform’s parental control system.

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Since these are titles with “violent” content, Disney+ has activated a function that allows you to set age restrictions on each registered profile. Thus, only those who have the authorization can watch series and movies with restricted ratings.

This will allow us to understand why Disney+ has decided to include the series “Daredevil” and “The Defenders” only in certain countries, a turning point to see how functional its parental control service is, So after seeing the results, it is possible that this action will be repeated across Latin America in the same year 2022.

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Although there is still no specific date for viewing the programs within Disney+ in Mexico, an official statement from Disney+ assures that it will happen before the end of this year. “These Marvel series will also be available in all other Disney+ markets later this year,” reads the press release from the Disney platform.

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The “Daredevil” series premiered in 2015 and ran for a total of three seasons after being canceled in 2018. The expectations of the character’s return went up after the actor. charlie cox Reappear in film as Attorney Matt Murdock”Spider-Man: No Coming Home Everyone wondered whether Disney would bring Daredevil back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

While there has yet to be an official statement on whether the “Daredevil” series or any other “The Defenders” saga will continue, rumors have surfaced recently that Disney is working on a new Daredevil reboot, but so far It has not been confirmed.

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