When Inconvenient Cars Hurt the Economy

According to one study, the absence of work associated with the pain caused by car seats will cost several million euros each year.

At first glance, reading the title of this article, chances are you didn’t immediately understand the connection between car seats and a country’s economy. However, if you drive regularly and exclusively for work, you should quickly understand what we are going to talk about. However, one study has proved that there is indeed a connection between these two subjects.

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First interesting fact, 68% of the 32.4 million employees UK The details of the distribution between the two categories, whether for going to work or as part of their professional activity, are not known. But the most surprising thing is that most motorists suffer from back pain because of seats in the car, as 12% of them have to take two days off for this reason. Worse yet, 13% were arrested for four days, while 5% stayed at home for a week.

A reason for absenteeism therefore should not be overlooked, it has represented an annual loss of more than £8.8 billion to the British economy. A deficit that has been explained by declining productivity, not to mention Social Security-related expenses. But the pain associated with poor-quality seats also contributes to overloading in doctors’ offices and hospitals, while creating exorbitant costs. Indeed, on average, a third of motorists should consult a health professional. back painWhich represents an expenditure of over £191.94 million each year for the national health system, the NHS (National Health Service).

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