When does Overwatch 2: Closed Beta end?

Starting April 26, 2022, players around the world are able to access the Overwatch 2 closed beta.Access to PvP mode. The latter changes somewhat from the first opus, notably the meta in 5 against 5 players and no longer in 6v6, the redesign of some heroes such as Doomfist and Orisa, or even a new game mode ( Push) and explore new maps. Certainly without forgetting. sum of To encamp,

In short, if many internet users have criticized the similarities between this beta and Overwatch before the name, it should be remembered that The major novelty of OW2 deals with its PvE aspect with story missionsA hero leveling system, cooperation etc… But for that, you’ll have to wait until 2023. In the meantime, you can enjoy OW2’s PvP, giving your feedback to developers to review bugs or various features so they can tweak the mod until it’s fully released .

overwatch 2 beta end date

  • it is 17 May 2022Or in a week, that the closed beta of OW2 will end.
  • Your progress in the game will not be saved,
  • Rest assured, this was only the first wave!
  • There will be more closed betas in the coming months.

Can I still get Overwatch 2 beta keys?

As a reminder, prior to April 26, it was possible to pre-register for the OW2 beta on the official website. It didn’t guarantee access but lucky people could retrieve a code via email. In addition to these email invitation, then it was possible to get the key for beta thanks exclusively to Twitch Drops. In France and elsewhere, many influential people had to be watched for at least 4 hours to obtain the precious keys. It is also worth remembering that only pc gamers This can reach the first beta.

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  • Note that it is always possible Register for the beta on the official website : You will then have a chance to receive an email containing a key,
  • The best way to get a key right now is to wait for the next Overwatch League matches,
  • Make sure Twitch drops with some streamers not in progress yet.

Lastly, remember that if you aren’t selected or don’t have a key during this first beta, others will come later. Several updates to the game’s PvP are also planned.

Has the current Overwatch 2 beta inspired you to learn more about this future Blizzard title? You are in the right place. Between the new PvP, and especially the PvE mode, let’s take a look at all the information we know so far.

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