When Covid and Brexit prevented the British from seeing their families in France

First there were travel restrictions due to the health crisis, then Brexit. The combination of the two has led to a dire situation on the borders between France and the United Kingdom. The testimony of this Briton who begins to doubt that she will soon see her family again in France.

Every week we call my husband’s parents in France. These calls are very strange, and not just because my brother-in-law downloaded an online gaming app to communicate with them. It is as if there is a gap on the line: you must always try to catch up with the other. At first my in-laws were locked in when we could still move right and left. Later, they were playing tarot (a French card game with no tails or heads) with their friends when we entered our ninth week in front of the TV forcibly on camera. But whatever the rate of reproduction of the virus in our own countries, one question remains: When can we meet again?

I could pretty much survive without participating in other tarot games (I was banned from playing years ago), but I miss my in-laws, like endless meals in their sunny apartment. , where my mother-in-law once gave us a great service from which we could see the charred heads of small birds popping out of the crust (her brother grabbed them and swallowed them whole – this is the view I see in the future) I’ll be fine). We haven’t seen our in-laws for a very long time: we miss them, and they miss us.

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fear at the borders

But even if our covid stars eventually align, my in-laws are scared of what is happening on the borders right now


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