When can the mask be removed from outside?

Wearing masks in public, the prevention measure is widely respected by the French population (84%, according to the latest results of a CoviPrev survey conducted by Public Health France), is it still necessary? While the roofs, museums and theaters reopened on May 19, the executive sowed citing clues “heat” or “End of june” To break the mask as the horizon. President Emmanuel Macron even said during Aubey’s visit that “Fed up with the mask” In response to a man who asked her about the subject.

This question has begun to emerge, while new infections have reached their lowest levels since Christmas (less than 13,000 cases per day on average) and the hospital was welcoming, on Sunday 23 May, to 19,720 patients with Kovid-19. This figure is the lowest. End of october. At the same time, the proportion of the French population receiving two doses of the vaccine is now close to 15%, while 34.5% have undergone at least one injection. These indicators, insofar as they can be confident about the dynamics of the epidemic and the progress of the vaccination campaign, are they sufficient to immediately consider that the mouth and nose are no longer protected, the transmission of the disease. Main Paths of Respiratory Virus?

It all depends on the context, scientists say. “The mask has become a habit, we will need to keep it for a long time to come, especially indoors”, Underlines the medical officer of health, Bruno Grandbestien. “Although the mask is not the alpha and omega of prevention, we are not far from being able to get it out”. more “It would be irresponsible to drop the mask completely”, Emphasizes the president of the French Society of Hospital Hygiene (SF2H), who views the recommendations made by the American Health Agency of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) with a concerned eye. Since May 16, fully immunized Americans have been asked to remove their masks both indoors and outdoors, as well as not to abide by the rules of social distance, except in public transportation and airports. “They longed for the question of social acceptance of wearing masks for a long time to the detriment of health risks indoors”, Mr. Grandbestian is sorry.

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