When Agrochemicals Come to the Fte de la Science to Talk About Bees

For many years, scientific arbitration and popularization have been highly sought-after areas by pesticide manufacturers, eager to communicate the disputes generated by their products. 30. including Fte de la Science,I version 1 . happens fromIs As of October 11, presents a new example.

The event, organized under the supervision of public authorities, brings together a series of events, conferences, exhibitions, round tables and workshops related to science and scientific culture. In this connection, a conference is being organized in Lyon on Saturday 2 October. “Fun and Scientific Activities” bee on title “Hey, does a bee sting?” Common thoughts and strong ideas, what must be remembered from the interaction between bees and humans”.

The first edition of the program, published on the official website of the Fte de la Science, announces a one-hour conference, where, “At the time of the debate on biodiversity, we will question ourselves” [les] interrelationship [des abeilles] With the man, and we’ll try to make you think outside the box and break down some of the received thoughts on these fascinating insects”. The speaker, Sandrine Leblond, is presented as “Agriculture Engineer and Beekeeper for more than twenty years”. Without mentioning the fact that the person concerned is also an employee of BASF Agro, one of the European champions in agrochemicals, where he works “Biodiversity Manager” Since 2003.

contacted by World, MMe LeBlond refers to his employer, BASF, who claims he has not been informed of his employee’s participation in the performance, and has no affiliation with it. “Our employees are free to participate in cultural, sporting or other activities without mentioning the company”, BASF explains.

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undeclared conflict of interest

“The person participating in the event has clearly indicated the company he works for, but the name of this company was not mentioned in the event because the individual would interfere with his personal name as an expert.” (she is a beekeeper and agricultural engineer), unrelated to the company she works for”Ministry of Higher Education and Research said. However, from the following questions World, adds that the ministry “For complete information of all, the name of the company under consideration shall be specified in the program”.

Three days before the event, the Science Festival website had two pages announcing the same event: one specifying the speaker’s membership in BASF, the other without mention.

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