When Abdelmadjid Tebboune Insulted the Office of the President

The scandal of the revelation of Brahim Gully’s entry under a false identity is apparently very badly digested, and with an Algerian passport, President Teboune in an interview with Le Pointe, against Morocco and King Mohammed VI. Unpacked all his anger. His words are not worthy of a head of state.

Pride, arrogant, arrogant and liar. These are the adjectives that are needed when reading River’s interview, published this Wednesday, June 2 by French Weekly Point. Asked whether Polisario’s withdrawal of arms could lead to a regional conflict, Tebboune replied: “Morocco has always been an aggressor. We will never attack our neighbor. If we are attacked, we will retaliate. But I doubt Morocco will try it, the balance of power will be what they are”.

When asked about UMA’s future with generations of Algerians and Moroccans who don’t know each other, Tebboune will also spread his stigma. In this regard, he affirms that “in this regard, the honorable role belongs to Algeria. The break with Morocco – and I am talking about the monarchy, not the Moroccan people, as we take for granted – has been around for so long.” until it becomes common”. We will see that Tebboune uses this old lever of the military junta, which rules Algeria, and tends to separate the people of Morocco from the monarchy. Tebboune pretends to ignore the fact that the monarchy is rooted in the history and identity of the Moroccan people. He also pretends to ignore the fact that the territorial integrity of Morocco is unanimous among the Moroccan people.

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To a question on the United States’ recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over the Sahara, Tebboune would then give the full measure of his hatred, his obscenity, and his stature worthy of a head of state. He replies: “How can we even think of giving a monarch an entire territory with all his population? Where is the public’s respect? This recognition makes no sense. All Security Council resolutions regarding Western Sahara combined.” States are presented by America. We cannot verbally go back to everything Washington did to please a king.”

Once again, the Algerian president attacks the Moroccan king by name, while suggesting that the Sahara is a cause that does not interest the Moroccan people. If someone tries to adopt such an arrogant attitude of yours, he replies to Tebboune that all he has to do is try to send the Algerian army to Sahara, then, how many Moroccans will stand against him.

In his diatribe against Morocco and the sovereign, Tebboune continues in these words: “Why do Moroccans refuse self-determination? Because they have undergone an ethnic change that has consequences: the Sahrawi within Western Sahara are in a minority compared to the Moroccans who live there today. In the event of voting for self-determination, Moroccans living in the Saharawi region would vote for independence because they would no longer want to be subjects of the king. Moroccans having a majority and rejecting a vote of self-determination are contradictory”.

Evidently, the historic successes made by King Mohammed VI on the Sahara issue and Morocco achieved a position of regional power under the sovereign, kept the Algerian military might and the straw man it had as president.

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In addition to Moroccans, Tebboune also gave full measure of his tendency to run on his head and lie down. To a question about the COVID-19 vaccination campaign, which is particularly devastating in Algeria, Tebboune answered without blinking an eye: “Algeria started vaccination in January before almost all African countries. Vaccines are for those who ask for them. As for the rhythm of vaccination, it follows the goodwill of the Algerian people, because we do not want to enforce it. But we are going to launch big awareness campaigns, because the fact that Algeria has been relatively little affected prevents people from getting vaccinated”.

And his reaction to the business environment in Algeria will astonish all economists on the planet. Tebboune claims that the argument of “” doing business Establishes certain criteria for capturing foreign direct investment. Because operators invest only where there is minimum level of government. Some countries acknowledge this, failing other means of job creation, becoming almost patrons of other countries, where one can, for example, prohibit trade union action”. Which other politician in the world can make such an inconsequential remark that unfortunately leaves his country covered with ridicule?

We knew that Abdelmadjid Tebboune was not qualified to lead a kingdom. This interview shows a shabby president.

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