Whatsapp trick to change font without using other application

If you want to change Typography Your conversation in WhatsApp Without the need of any external program or copy and paste any text, this trick will definitely thrill you so pay attention as we will tell you step by step how to achieve it.

That’s right, there is no need to do another separate application or enter a web page, because this requires a very simple trick to change the letters or fonts of WhatsApp.

The best thing is that you can get everything from a single messaging application by just performing these simple steps that we show you below.

And it is that although WhatsApp has limited the style of its letters, there is a way to change them easily.

To do this, you only have to be attentive to the steps in this tutorial so that you do not miss anything and do not fail in this attempt when you do it.

As we have previously mentioned, you do not need to open an alternate web page and write your text there, very rarely copy or paste what you have written to specify it.

as you know, WhatsApp Many features have been released, mostly hidden, with many users unaware of how to use them.

This is a case of changing the letters without the need to open external programs, so follow these steps:

  • Bold: To write in bold, wrap the text you want to highlight with an asterisk. For example * text * becomes text.
  • Italic: To type in italic, wrap the text you want to highlight with an underscore. For example _text_ becomes text.
  • Strikethrough: To strike a text, wrap the text you want to highlight with a bullet. For example ~ text becomes text.
  • Monospaced: To write text in this style, place three inverted quotation marks before and after the text: such as this “text”.
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On the other hand, WhatsApp One of the few applications that really cares about its users’ experience when immersing themselves in their application and that’s why they update frequently, thus making communication between people more practical and simpler Let’s make.

However, as we have mentioned, unfortunately not everyone knows how to get the maximum benefit of popular applications.

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And it is for this reason that the creators of WhatsApp have developed many tools so that their users can easily navigate in the application.

While this is unknown by a large portion of the population, it is for this reason that the same company has shared on its blog, a list of the best tricks developed by the application.

  • Hands free voice memo
  • Mark main messages
  • Check messages without touching cell phone
  • Use stickers in conversation
  • Read the message without being online

Also, like every year, the application of WhatsApp Has added a new list of emojis to its conversation platform.

And indeed, he recently added the symbol of companion, paella, bat, mototaxi, tooth, clown, ostrich, among other characters and / or objects.

This time, thanks to EmojiP, some emoticons that will be part of the application in late 2020 have been made public.

Although WhatsApp added its new 230 emoji in November, it is expected that these 117 figures can only be seen in the same month.

On the other hand, we are on Christmas days and now in WhatsApp application you can modify the icon for some more Christmas and according to the holidays.

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The trick is really simple, because all you need to know is that you download a third-party application to be able to modify the logo. WhatsApp And then the steps are quite simple.

The purpose of changing the icon is definitely to touch your applications that Christmas and in fact you can with other applications such as Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, TickTalk, Snapchat.

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