WhatsApp reviews communications around its new privacy policy

The WhatsApp messaging service has stepped up its efforts to clear up any confusion about its terms of use, following the controversy over changes to its privacy policy.

Today, the service changes the tone and tries to make this controversial update as clear as possible, which continues to generate debate and gain momentum, despite many tweets and statuses to reassure its users WhatsApp is publishing a blog post in order “to clear up any possible confusion” the app says on its blog.

Now, the social network is coming up with a strong plan to explain its new privacy policy, which was criticized in an awkward first announcement by its users who feared that their personal data, messages and any queries via the platform The exchange will be read and shared. The parent company “Facebook”, the news that caused general confusion and caused a wave of migration to other platforms such as Signal and Telegram.

Therefore, the instant messaging service intends to display an explanatory banner on its platform, which clearly specifies the terms of this update, which is exclusively via B to C exchanges (trading to person) via WhatsApp Business Concerns, “As a reminder, there are new ways of interacting with companies we are currently building there or buying their products on WhatsApp, which are completely optional to use”, we explain.

Especially since WhatsApp wants to strengthen its e-commerce functionality by doing commercial transactions on its application.

With this development, the messaging platform states that it will have to change the way some data is processed. “You’ll be able to chat with more companies on WhatsApp, which is a more effective means of contact than a phone call or ‘e-mail exchange.” This is completely optional, ”Facebook says, assuring that it will provide“ greater clarity ”on the collection, sharing and use of data.

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Originally scheduled for February 8, this new update to the privacy policy will take effect on May 15. Messenger concludes in its announcement that it will continue to honor its commitments in the context of information collection, it remains to be seen if all this will be enough for users to trust WhatsApp again.

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