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WhatsApp will soon feature an invisible messaging feature, which enables chat app users to print their digital footprint.

After the update has been updated since Thursday, as phones hit, users will be able to set an option for each individual chat – whether group or group – to automatically delete messages sent seven days after they have been sent.

Unlike some competitors like the Secure Messages app Signal, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has decided against offering flexibility to users. For example there is no option to change the length of time the messages are stored; And the service also removes sent images and videos.

The company said in a blogpost, “We’re starting seven days because we think it gives peace of mind that the conversation doesn’t last, don’t forget what you thought while being practical,” the company said in a blogpost. “Shopping lists or store addresses that you received a few days ago will be available when you need them and will disappear unnecessarily.

“While it’s great to hold memories from friends and family, most of what we send doesn’t have to be permanent. Our goal is to make the conversation on WhatsApp feel as close to the person as possible, which means they don’t have to live forever.

Disappearing messages can be activated by tapping the chat name at the top of the screen and scrolling to a new option for “Message Disappearing” to turn it on. This does not delete old messages and any chat member can turn the setting on or off, although group chats are administered only by administrators.

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Like other invisible messaging options, users need to trust their friends. Chat screenshots taken or forwarded messages, messages they want to save later have nothing to do with the other party.

The new feature came a month after the launch of the WhatsApp shopping service, integrating itself more strongly with Facebook than ever before. Users will now be able to message a company on the app, browse a catalog of items for sale, and complete a purchase without the need for WhatsApp. The feature will also bring much-needed revenue to the company, as WhatsApp will eventually start charging companies for using its business tools.

Stores already with a Facebook presence will also be able to operate directly on the second WhatsApp without the need to set up a second storefront. This means, however, that for the first time, WhatsApp users have noticed that their activities in the chat app feed their ad profile on Facebook. “When a person interacts with a Facebook shop, Facebook will use those interactions and related data,” Matt Idema, WhatsApp’s chief operating officer, told the Guardian. “So it includes what products you are browsing and the items you can add to select or purchase.”

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