WhatsApp now completely encrypts your cloud backup

Did you know that the famous WhatsApp messaging app has recently beefed up its security options? It is now possible for different users to do end-to-end encryption of their data stored in the cloud. This article provides you more information about this recent feature introduced by WhatsApp.

Presentation of this optimal security option

Backing up your messages to different clouds (Google Drive, iCloud) lets you recover them in case your phone is lost, stolen or reset. NS End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp There is a security option that allows you to replace your messages saved in the cloud with a series of numbers. This action helps to protect your correspondence from intrusion by hackers, cyber criminals and sometimes by WhatsApp employees.

How Cloud Encryption Works

Before this security measure was implemented, your messages and other media files saved in the cloud (Google Drive, iCloud, etc.) were not encrypted. This means that in the event of a hack or malicious intrusion on your account, Your messages were not completely secure. This is one of the reasons why many users turn off the cloud backup option. The purpose of end-to-end encryption is to set a password before saving your data to the cloud.

This is how your messages in the cloud will be encrypted. Please note that this password is personal and unique, and there is no way to retrieve it. So even if someone hacks into your cloud account, it’s not like that. With this option, it is no longer possible to decrypt your messages and other multimedia files. Also note that the user-defined password is not sent to WhatsApp and your conversations are automatically end-to-end encrypted.

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All users who have the new WhatsApp app update benefit from the end-to-end encryption of cloud backup. It can be executed regardless of the environment (Android, Apple, Windows, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.). Ultimately, you get double protection, because not only are your messages encrypted, but your Conversation history is also protected with this password.

Enabling and disabling end-to-end encryption

Activation of this option of new version of WhatsApp follows a well defined process. You have to press on the “Discussion” option and then click on “chat backup“. Select the end-to-end encrypted backup option. These different options can be found in WhatsApp settings. Then you have to press “To continueAnd create a password by following the instructions in the dialog window.

Finally, you press “To endSo that end-to-end encryption option of cloud backup can be considered. To deactivate, the process remains the same except you press “Option.”Disableand enter the password. You can confirm the request by pressing again on “Disable“. With this new security option, you no longer have to worry about the privacy of your conversations.

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