Whatsapp multiple copy will work

WhatsApp Instant messaging application with the most downloads worldwide. The success of the popular app has made its messaging a favorite for millions.

Thus, with over 2 million users, WhatsApp Has revolutionized remote communication, continuously improving and improving service.

now one new update About to arrive WhatsApp In 2021. This is an improvement that will allow users to quickly copy and paste multimedia content, without having to resort to shared menus.

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According to the WABetainfo portal, specialized in providing updated information about instant messaging applications WhatsApp will come with many news stories.

Initially, new update Will offer improvement Call Voice, Video and Group. Similarly, the special portal states that with New version Users will be able to backup their chat history efficiently. And general improvements will be made for stickers and memos.

Another advantage of new update Does he WhatsApp Fixed a bug that made it impossible for some users to search for updates state. Likewise, the application has modified the connection failures that have been reported.

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In addition to these improvements, the application that will apply WhatsApp Has announced that its function will be Multiple copy. With this, the user will not have to use the share button, select the app and then go to chat to send a picture or video.

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With this new function, users have to access their gallery and select photos or videos they want to share with any of their contacts. WhatsApp.

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Later, the user has to open the app and click on the text box, as if they were writing a message, but choose the “paste” option instead.

with this, WhatsApp Will copy all images and videos that can be sent quickly and easily from any contact to the person and user selected from your gallery.

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This way, WhatsApp Will allow you to send multimedia content without having to open the share menu, which will cause noticeable changes experience Of the user within the application.

The main advantage is that the work of Copied many This will allow users to save a few seconds. However, people using this feature should be careful when selecting images or videos, so as not to accidentally share content.

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The instant messaging application has not yet released the exact launch date new update. However, WABetainfo announced that the beta version of WhatsApp will be coming for the new year.

First of all new update, Who brings it with them Many copying, It will only be available for cell phones with iOS operating systems. Later, the improvements will reach Android devices.

To find out which version of the application is enabled Tip, It is enough to find the user WhatsApp From the App Store to Google Play.

whatsapp-version2.20.132.jpg(Photo: screenshot)

Once the search results are returned, the application should be selected and if not Updates The “update” button will appear instantly, with which the user can update to new versions WhatsApp.

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