WhatsApp is working on a section to store temporary chat messages in each contact’s profile.

PARIS, May 25 (Benin News/EP) –

WhatsApp is planning to introduce a new section in each contact’s profile for direct access to messages. temporarily archived messages And find out how many are marked as saved.

The company introduced temporary messages, which are automatically deleted after a certain period in November 2020. In August of the following year, Applied a similar measure for media files, Once seen, they disappear.

The messaging app currently allows messages to be starred as “top stories,” so the star is featured in both Messages and the app. within conversation As well as in the contact information, under the heading “Featured Articles”.

One of the latest WhatsApp beta update for iOS (v22.9.0.72)) Introduces the ability to hold temporary messages On devices with such operating system after the display timeout.

WhatsApp is currently working on new ways to save messages that are part of a temporary conversation so that they do not disappear after a certain period of time, and for this purpose has introduced a new section at the following address. The latest beta version of the desktop application.

As WABetaInfo has been able to verify, this version includes a section in the contact information with which the application intends to facilitate access to temporarily saved messages, including are accessible at all timesWhether they have been removed from the chat or not.

However, as reported by this portal in a previous update regarding temporary messages, in case of temporary chats any member of the chat can stop the retention of messages and all participants will be notified if someone saves a message.

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WABetaInfo has further reported that the company is working to bring this same section in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS and Android and the feature is still in development, so for now. Not available.

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