Whatsapp is still trying to calm the controversy

Facebook’s subsidiary is still trying to calm the situation following controversy over changes in privacy policy of instant messaging service WhatsApp. The company has published a new blog post “to clear up any possible confusion”. Management maintains its own line of communication and denies that all personal data of its users has been transferred to its parent company’s servers.

The company thus announced the upcoming performance of the explanatory banner on its platform specifying the terms of this update. According to the management of the structure, these changes only concern individual exchanges for B to C or business that will be done on WhatsApp Business. “We are currently creating new ways to chat with businesses or purchase their products on WhatsApp,” the company says in its blog post.

Facebook’s subsidiary has decided to invest in the e-commerce sector, which is dedicated to it. The application’s service portfolio may have prompted changes in the processing of some data passing through the service in addition to commercial transactions. “You’ll be able to chat with more companies on WhatsApp, a more effective means of contact than exchanging phone calls or e-mails”, the platform supports.

The messaging service’s new privacy policy was announced, it should be recalled, sparking the anger of its users, launching a campaign to uninstall the application. A response that particularly benefited Telegram and Signal from WhatsApp competing services. Originally scheduled for February 8, this update of the privacy policy will not take effect until May 15. The controversy is a new episode in a series related to the management of personal data by GAFAM and in particular Facebook.

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The use made by the social network giant of its users’ personal data, using them specifically for targeted advertising, is a process heavily criticized by both Internet users and governments.

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