WhatsApp deploys end-to-end encryption for cloud backup

If WhatsApp allows communication through end-to-end encryption for the routing of your messages and their storage on your smartphone, then the application has not yet allowed the backup of your conversations on the cloud to ensure such security Is.

But this shortcoming is now filled as the instant messaging application has deployed a new option to activate this encryption for your conversations stored on iCloud (iOS) and Google Drive (Android).

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So you can visit the security settings of WhatsApp on your smartphone today to activate end-to-end encryption of your backups.
The application will offer you to secure your backup Using a password or using a 64-bit encryption key that only you know.

Once the protection is in place, neither WhatsApp nor the storage service on which the backup of your conversations is stored will be able to view the contents of your messages.

With the option still being made available to the nearly two billion users who have a WhatsApp account, you may still have to wait before it appears in your app settings.

Source : Facebook

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