WhatsApp adds a new function on PC

WhatsApp has released a new extension to secure web applications and verify end-to-end encryption.

WhatsApp is launching a web extension. his goal ? Check that no one has modified the messaging application code on the user’s browser.


For many years, WhatsApp has offered a web version of its messaging service for computers. In 2021, the platform introduced a “multi-device” mode, a minor revolution.

This feature allows you to use WhatsApp on a computer, even when the smartphone associated with the account is disconnected or turned off. Recently, WhatsApp decided to make multi-device mode more secure. For this the platform has implemented code verification extension.

“There are a number of factors that can undermine the security of web browsers that do not exist in the mobile app space, such as browser extensions. Additionally, since the mobile app space was created after the creation of the web, the number of services offered on mobile Security guarantees can be strong, especially since third-party app stores review and approve updates to every application and software update.”Explains meta in one post.

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The new extension aims to prevent the interception of messages once they hit the browser. And by checking that the code of WhatsApp web application has not been modified.

Obviously, Meta will verify that the code of the WhatsApp Web application has not changed. To that end, it will compare it with a reference code distributed by Cloudflare, thanks to the Code Validation extension. Note that code verification is a web extension of WhatsApp. In more technical terms, its job is to compare the hash code of the device to the code of Cloudflare. If there is a match, the user will be able to use the web version. On the other hand, if the code verification extension does not match, then there is a possibility of your WhatsApp account being compromised.

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Thanks to this process and in case of modification of the password, the application will notify the user. If an orange icon appears, it means that the page needs to be refreshed or another browser extension is interfering with WhatsApp. If the icon is red, it means there is a security issue. In this second case, the extension will send the user to an information page indicating the process to follow.

Code Verification is currently available on Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Edge. It is an open source extension. In other words, other companies will be able to exploit it to strengthen the security of their own web applications.

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