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There are plans to ban the importation of Uygar labor related products in London.

Britain unveiled on Tuesday, declaring “vandalism” towards Uygar to prevent the forced labor of this Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region from reaching UK consumers. A little more between London and Beijing on the question of the Uyghur minority. Britain’s Foreign Minister Dominic Rab announced on Tuesday (12 January) that the United Kingdom would strengthen its trade apparatus to avoid the import of products from Xinjiang. During a speech in Parliament. British diplomacy said that there is far-reaching and “shocking” evidence of the use of forced labor targeting the Uygar Muslim minority in Xinjiang. It is “an expectation of barbarism for the past, which prevails today.”, Declared Dominic Rab before the duties of the British “arbitrary captives of the Uyghurs” on the industrial scale, political re-education, forced labor, atrocities And declaring “forced sterilization”. >>> See also from France 24. com: In China, Uyghurs hunted a birth control policy. The United Nations estimates that at least 1 million of them, as well as members of other minorities, were detained in detention camps. The lies and claims that they are vocational training centers aimed at keeping people away from the temptation of Islamism, terrorism and separatism after a series of attacks for Uygar fines for greater transparency Dominic. Rab cited reports of the existence of internal camps as well as supporting the practices of forced labor and sterilization of Uygar women. “We’ll have to do more and we’ll do it,” he said. Has been announced. “Xinjiang’s position in the international supply chain network means that there is a real risk that companies and public bodies around the world, unknowingly or not, are sourcing from collusion with suppliers in the use of labor. Forced”. >> France 24 to see and read: Uygar on the strength of the camps “This set of measures will ensure that any British organization, whether it is public or private, benefits or contributes to targeting Uigars or other minorities in Xinjiang To violate human rights, knowingly or unknowingly, “he said, directives would be issued to British companies, which would face fines. They cannot demonstrate that their supply is not linked to forced labor in Xinjiang, a major region in northwestern China, which is the world’s major supplier of cotton. This transparency obligation would be expanded to the public sector, underlining Dominic Raab, and companies making profits from forced labor would be excluded from public procurement. He added that exports would also be regulated to prevent companies from contributing “directly or indirectly” to human rights violations in the region bordering Afghanistan and Pakistan. “A purely political attack”, according to the Chinese ambassador to the UN, following an intervention at the United Nations by British Minister of State for Foreign Affairs James Claverley, criticizing human rights violations in Xinjiang on Tuesday. The United Nations, Zhang Jun, asked Britain to “stop interfering in China’s internal affairs”. The UK representative spoke off the topic of today’s debate. Carried out unbridled attacks on China, which we strongly reject and reject, “emphasized Zhang Jun.” As a victim of terrorism, China has taken decisive steps to vigorously counter terrorism and extremism. [et] Our laws are justified, based on our laws, and in accordance with the practice established by countries around the world, “he said, adding that the UK government announced these measures soon after the conclusion of December. On investment between China and the EU A compromise in doctrine criticized by human rights defenders, of which the United Kingdom is no longer a part. AFP and Reuters

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