What will Slack and Spotify look like with the Mac OS 9 interface?

More than 20 years ago, when Mac OS 9 was still at its peak, Slack and Spotify didn’t even exist yet — we topped ours up on Yahoo! And Altavista!

Nostalgic for interfaces of these ages, designers Michael Feeney So decided to imagine these programs as if they existed at the time. Obviously, the interface is less loaded, more pixelated and includes all the pictogram and graphic elements of Mac OS Classic.

Please note, the video is not just a mockup, but Uses real UI elements to create a real interface, We find Spotify, Slack, Zoom, Figma, TextEdit, or even Google Chrome with a lot of retro looks, and we can imagine being able to use them at the time.

We also feel that despite the much more modern properties of macOS Monterey, such as Truth Multi-tasking, high resolution, interface effect, etc. Older versions of macOS already had all the modern functionality from earlier versions. It lacked the very fast connections, fast CPU and memory especially at the time which really absorbed everyone who asked about your Mac nowadays.

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