What will happen to Optic Gaming now that LA thieves have taken their CDL slots?

With 100 Thieves officially part of their New-Los Angeles Thieves franchise as part of the Call of Duty League, there are questions about the future of the optic gaming brand, especially now that they don’t have a spot on the CDL.

Everyone was thrilled when Hector ‘H3CZ’ Rodriguez bought Optic Gaming, but the rise of the 100 CD thief new CDL franchise LA Thorse has raised some serious questions about what comes to the iconic brand.

Optic was previously part of the Immortal Gaming Club, was not found anywhere before it was recently sold in the H3 CZ, and the Los Angeles CDL slot was later acquired by 100 thieves.

Now, the brand is in limbo and lots of fans are wondering if it has any place in Call of Duty now, if the league spot now includes another franchise and OGLA no longer exists.

Optic Gaming LA

The Optic Gaming LA CDL lasted just one season and the roster of the first part of it is gone.

How did we get to this point?

Going back to when H3CZ first needed optics from Immortals, it quickly became clear that he would have to make the next transaction as he was already the CEO of the Chicago Huntsman.

Thus, reports emerged that the two most likely situations to follow H3CZ are either selling LA slots and re-branding Huntsman as Optic, or selling Huntsman and relocating NRG’s COD Sports operations to Los Angeles.

He reportedly preferred the first option, but sources claimed that the CDL front office wanted the franchisees to maintain friendships with the cities in which they were established, making it impossible for Huntsman to rebuild near Optic.

The same report further stated that NRG was willing to sell the Huntsman and Chicago slots to continue OGLA activities if the League did not allow them to bring Green Wall to Chicago.

LA thiefThe rise of LA thieves has raised serious questions about the future of optic gaming in COD.

However, this has certainly not been proven explicitly, as the LA spot was finally sold at 100, leaving the CDL as the only real admirer, despite apparently not being interested in Huntsman Rebrand’s idea.

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That said, the irresistible feeling hacker, the conscious businessman that he became, could never leave the LA slot knowing he could never bring Optic to Chicago. This suggests that the implementation of the plan may have the blessing of the League in his favor, many believe, however his first choice.

So what does all this mean?

Before the 2021 season kicked off, we got to see NRG and Rodriguez Huntsman re-shape their COD franchise as Chicago Optic or Optic Gaming Chicago was released from the brand.

This, in turn, will bring back the choices of Seth ‘Scamp’ Abner and Matthew ‘Formal’ Piper to optic colors, which longtime COD fans wouldn’t believe is a possibility before this year.

Scamp and formal

Will we soon see scamp and formal in optic colors?

Even the transfer of optic from Huntsman away from scamp and formal would be very normal and non-stop. The organization already has a number of Green Wall legends listed, including Marcus’ MBJJ Blanks Jr., Nick ‘Maniac’ Kursner, and Davis’ Hitch ‘Edwards, who runs the content creation team under NRG’s banner, Team Summertime.

Then there’s H3 CZ, of course, who lost after buying from Infinite Sports and Entertainment in 2019 and was disconnected from his favorite company with the obscenity of thousands of fans.

Seeing him in the title of Optic Gaming feels right again, which further raises the speculation of a Huntsman re-emerging the brand, as there is no way to recover him unless there is a bigger plan for the Green Wall brand.

What will happen to the huntsmen if Chicago becomes optic?

Chicago Hunters
Jordan Reed became the Sports Nation

Have we already seen the last of the Chicago Huntsmen in the CDL?

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The short answer to this is that the Huntsman brand will be closed, at least for now. That said, however, with the CDL promising that it expects to expand after the 2021 campaign, it will likely become a top target for potential owners to acquire their new franchise.

So, unlike most seasons, it’s probably wiser to do the brand right now because the name will probably be embedded in COD culture later – perhaps a bit more for the league’s exit to be okay.

As things stand, Huntsman (187.4K) drives miles (the second-highest Dallas Empire 85K) on other platforms of Twitter followers, so it’s already the most popular name.

That said, there is no need to deny that this is largely due to Huntsman’s deep roots in optic history. As mentioned above, its CEO and several big-time pro players and content creators are green-wall icons, which inevitably allows org to take advantage of the void left behind when Ozzy comes under the control of the immortals.

Ironically, during the CDL era, OGLA became a kind of ‘public enemy’ among CD fans, many calling Huntsman a “real optic” and regularly taking shots at their social media posts, especially inflammatory ones.

So “bring things back to normal”, if you want, will make things more natural and if the huntsmen say lamb, it’s probably best for a great plan of things.

Obviously, this may not be entirely the case for three or four seasons on the road, at which point the brand may have its own optic or not too much weight, allowing CDL to avoid the H3CZ.

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As things stand, the time to re-brand may be now or sometime, and this has become clear on social media through Dexarto’s own poll, which called on duty fans about two options:

Are there alternative results?

Yes, this is far from a completed deal. As discussed above, the league can take very good steps and declare Huntsman very popular in favor of quitting, unless there is another suitable franchise to remove the branding immediately.

As we know from the outset that things could happen in 2022, Optic Gaming is not a CDL team in the actual season and may continue until a new team is ready to name it. As things stand, it seems more like the kind of situation “when and if not”.

Nothing will be stoned until the official announcement starts circulating. There are lots of moving parts to play – many teams that are going to have the most desirable results in the process right now.

At the end of the day, H3CZ deserves the suspicion of everyone that he will do his best to ensure the optimal condition of the optic. Doubt He was the first to be recognized for making mistakes about how he was managing the brand. There is no one more trustworthy than him to do the right thing for the Green Wall.

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