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This is one of the most popular series on Netflix! Based on the world famous story of the British Royal Family, Crown Its undeniable historical interest and its unpublished revelations (for example, the tragic and utterly rebellious fate of Nerissa and Catherine Bowes-Lyon) have attracted millions of fans. After three successful first seasons—that is to say—, we were finally able to discover a fourth part a few months ago, with the first being titled Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales and Margaret Thatcher. , A chapter that caught the attention of millions of customers on the video-on-demand platform. And it’s not over.

Production is currently looking for an actress to play Kate Middleton

While the fifth part of the program is expected to air by 2022, filming began a few weeks ago in the north of England. If production was unfortunately interrupted following the theft of several valuables worth over £150,000, everything seems to be back to normal. Proof, casting for Season 6 has already begun and production is currently looking for an actress to play the role of Kate Middleton. on ad, they hope to find a “Outstanding Young Actress for Playing a Duchess, with a Strong Physical Resemblance, for a Leading Role in an Award-Winning Drama”, In parallel, two actors must also be hired to interpret the young William and Harry.

Thanks to these many clues related to the cast of this final season, the public can get an idea of ​​the era that this chapter will cover. Crown, Indeed, if we already knew that the series would end in the early 2000s, screenwriter Peter Morgan recently explained to Vogue that “The Season 6 will not extend to our time, it will allow us to cover the same period in more detail”, So we can easily imagine that the meeting between Kate and William at St Andrew’s University in Scotland will be discussed. Ditto for the Duchess of Sussex’s debut within the royal family. Nothing has been confirmed yet. Filming is set to begin in the UK next August.

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Remember, more than a year ago, we confirmed the good news of the return of Downton Abbey at the movie theater ! After the massive success of the first film and its $192 million at the box office, the historical series made its return this Wednesday, April 27, with the title second installment. Downton Abbey 2, a new era, For those who have already forgotten, when the show ended at the height of its glory after only 6 seasons in 2015, its producer Julian Fellowes decided to bring the Crowley family to the big screen. A risky gamble but one that paid off well as the public literally went into dark rooms to follow the adventures of this wealthy family of British aristocrats. A fad that almost forced the producers (also behind The Gilded Age) to revive these popular figures. We Were In Preview, Here’s What We Thought!

The tone is set from the very first second of the film. The whole family came together at the wedding of Tom Branson, the widower of Sybil, the youngest daughter of the Earl of Grantham. Delighted to see their former brother-in-law taste happiness again, Mary and Edith, the Crowley sisters whose rivalry slowly turns into friendship, are also in the game. For the occasion, the director’s recipe hasn’t really changed. A palace, sparkling lawns and aristos abound. All are surrounded by an armory of servants. Within minutes, the viewer is directly immersed in the fascinating universe of these wealthy elite. A harmless scene was quickly swept away by the appearance of two intrigues that played out in parallel.

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Lady Grantham learns she is the heir to an old French marquis

The first, most surprising, relates to Lady Grantham, the earl’s mother and the key figure in the series, who learns that she is the heiress of an old French marquis. The latter decides to bequeath his luxurious villa in the south of France and intends to recover it due to be donated to his great-granddaughter immediately. His fragile health is not allowing him to travel, it is his family members who, at the invitation of the Marquis’s deposed heirs, will visit his future vacation spot. Only here, if the son of the latter takes away his inheritance well enough, it is not the case of his widow, who hopes to induce the Crowley family to leave this residence near Toulon.

For another, it is within the walls of Downton Abbey that it is played. Indeed, Mary Crowley, the eldest of the Count’s daughters, decides to accept a film director’s tempting offer to shoot for a month within the walls of her palace. If the idea doesn’t really please the family members, the servants see it as an opportunity to meet the stars of the big screen. The money raised will also make it possible to repair the roof, which is in very poor condition. So it is only a few days before the departure of part of the family for the south of France that an army of technicians and extras arrive who will be more accustomed to being crowned than cameras and other costume parties in this residence for several weeks.

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Our idea :

Undoubtedly, it’s a pleasure that we’re finding characters we love so much in the series. It is also not unpleasant to see the French figure interpreted by the sublime Nathalie Bey. On the decoration side, the directors do not let us down there too. It is with a certain feeling that we return once again to the walls of Downton Abbey, but also to a wonderful villa located in the south of France. We’re not going to lie to each other, the plot isn’t crazy and we’re far from the turmoil that the series gave us in its heyday. The scenario doesn’t really allow us to focus on any particular character and it feels like it’s all over. Still, finding Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville or even Elizabeth McGovern is priceless. A reunion that promises a change of scenery and is largely assured by majestic shots of filming locations. Even though it may not be the film of the year, these two hours may not have taken us long at all. quite the contrary.

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