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Who is Willy Wonka really? This is the subject of the film wonka who is currently filming and who will offer the public to immerse themselves in the origins of the famous character Roald Dal. Many people know this character as the famous owner of the novel’s fantasy chocolate factory. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory First published in 1964.

Since then we have had two film adaptations of this famous story. In 1971 reincarnated as Gene Wilder Johnny Depp In the 2005 remake of Tim Burton. It is that slim, whimsical physique that viewers are best known today.

Obviously, while this image is far from a physical description of the character in the book, it continues to inspire directors. So Paul King decided to explore the youth of the most famous chocolate maker in children’s literature in a new film with youth. Timothy Chalameta (Call me by your name, Doon) in the role of young Willy Wonka. Other actors such as Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling or Ezra Miller have been approached to fill the role.

In the casting of this “prequel” wonka, we find familiar faces to the public: Keegan-Michael Key (Parks and Recreation, Fargo), Sally Hawkins (water size), Rowan Atkinson (Eternal Mr. Bean) or even Olivia Colman (crown, father) Paul King is as accustomed to touching on the major works of British youth as he is the director of films Paddington 1 And 2 Which are little treasures among our neighbors to the north.

Filming has just begun in the UK. It is from this set that Timothée Chalamet took his first picture of the character in a recognizable outfit. The release date has been conceived Mars 2023, but it is still too early to be certain about the timing.

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