What to watch on tv Thursday?

Here are some tips for watching shows and movies on French-language television on Thursday 18 March:

“Thrill of Priscilla, Crazy of the Desert”

Comedy where extravagant outfits and music reign supreme, while one transsexual and two transvestites will not fail to present their show in the desert, thus mixing many things. With Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp.

Thursday, 10 am, ARTV.

“you have been hacked”

Security of digital data is a subject that continues to attract attention. And for good reason. Computer security should be a priority, as this documentary suggests, a co-production between the United Kingdom and France, which advises combating web hackers.

Thursday, 2:01 pm, Telle-Quebec.

“The Last Ninja Challenge”

Before they could learn from the last ninja descendant, the nine warriors of 2000 must complete eight colossal missions spanning eight days in the jungle, and belong to the Navjutsu. Their bodies, rather their minds, will be subject to intense tests, to say the least.

GUDY, 19H, Z.

“Honored, my first hammer blow”

Auctioneers, many of whom are women, are airing changes to auction homes in France. These new faces are accompanied by objects that may not have been seen 50 years ago, such as toys, designer furniture, and street art.

Thursday, 7 pm, TV5.


Established in Gaspésie, McInnis Cement Plant is far from keeping its promise in terms of ecology. Emitting a large amount of carbon dioxide, this company can become the biggest pollution in our country due to its rapid growth. The Bureau of Investigation looked into his case.

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JUD, 9am, VAT.

“Weight of gold”

Many Olympic athletes are struggling with mental health issues after retiring from the competition. Adjustment to life after a high-performance game is not smooth. Great moments regularly were enough to testify in front of the camera for this documentary.

Thursday, 10 am, Canal d.

“At the turning point of life”

Four generations of lire come together under extraordinary circumstances. While his grandfather has died, a father is out of prison in the company of his own father, and spills the ashes of his young son. Family drama with Christopher Walken, Josh Lucas and Michael Caine.

Thursday, 11 am, .was.

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