What to do with wet iPhones instead of putting them in uncooked rice

What to do with wet iPhones instead of putting them in uncooked rice

Apple has issued new guidance for salvaging phones that come into contact with liquid, advising against the popular method of using uncooked rice. The tech giant warns that using uncooked rice can actually cause damage to an iPhone, as small particles of rice may harm the device.

Instead, Apple recommends a different approach when a “Liquid Detected” warning appears on screen. The company suggests tapping the phone to drain excess liquid and then leaving it in a dry area with airflow. This method is said to be more effective in preventing further damage to the device.

Charging a wet phone is also discouraged by Apple, as it can lead to corrosion on the Lightning or USB-C connector, resulting in connectivity issues or even permanent damage. The company advises users to wait up to 24 hours for the device to completely dry before attempting to charge it.

Furthermore, Apple warns against using external heat sources or compressed air to dry out a wet phone. These methods may also cause damage to the device and are not recommended by the company.

Overall, Apple’s new guidance aims to educate users on the proper steps to take when their phone comes into contact with liquid. By following these recommendations, users can potentially salvage their devices and avoid costly repairs or replacements.

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