What tech trends will transform business travel?

As part of the Future of Business Travel event, dedicated to transformation in the business travel sector, Capgemini Engineering came to talk about the technological trends that could transform buying and finance.

According to France Mathieu Debouf-Ruchon, innovation manager at Capgemini Engineering, companies should move out of solutionism. Apart from adopting solutions to answer specific problems, they have every interest in developing their own processes and thinking about their interoperability.

Innovation experts visit the CES show in Las Vegas every year, a large gathering of innovation and startups. This year, they identified several “buzzwords”: sustainability, contactless, collaboration, hybrid, partnership but above all the metaverse and NFT. According to him, growth and scaling of companies is not possible without “hyperscaling”, in other words, without ensuring to be able to increase their business volume while strengthening their profitability.

In terms of operational efficiency, he identifies 5 main technologies: artificial intelligence “as a service” that is integrated into systems as needed; Automation, which saves time in production, data platform, making it possible to derive value from information, cloud strategy and finally decentralized organization.

4 examples of innovative technologies

Matthew Debouf-Ruchon then presented some examples of interesting technologies for the business travel sector.

Stratospheric Platforms and Cambridge Consultants are working on the design of a drone capable of transmitting 5G signals in specific areas. Both entities aim to cover the entire United Kingdom with about 60 drones.

Overseen at Viva Tech by France, Innovation Manager at Capgemini Engineering, Grow Your Own Cloud is a start-up that aims to store data in the DNA of living organisms. the interest? Store “passive” data by absorbing CO2 instead of emitting it through data centers.

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Graphiel produces biosensors attached to smartphones that allow for antigenic testing for Covid-19. Identifying the presence of the virus requires only 5 minutes.

Finally, Mathieu DeBoeuf-Rouchon highlights Derris, which allows an online store to highlight products that are uniquely eco-responsible through a variety of criteria. his goal ? Make responsible (environmental and social) a selling point.

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